Why Giving Chamomile Tea To Your Baby Is A Great Idea?

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Two years ago I gave birth to a little girl, Marie. As a new mother I knew nothing about kids. I had to follow my instincts in order to figure out what to do and how to take care of a newborn. Just three months after an emergency C-section I had another cesarean-like surgery to remove 2 tumors and a Dermoid cyst (two Fibroid Tumors from my Uterus and a Dermoid cyst from my right ovary). My husband works the night shift and I couldn’t count very much on his help as I would have liked. However, I need to say that he did his best to help me with our new baby. I was miserable recovering from those recent surgeries, with a baby waking up every two hours to eat, suffering of a lack of sleep and still feeling the pressure to produce enough milk when my body was about to collapse.

Why Giving Chamomile Tea To Your Baby Could Be a Great Idea

   Is Chamomile Tea Safe For My Baby?

It was when my baby turned 4 months old and started to eat solid foods, that I remembered  an ancient recipe used for hundreds of years, especially by the Egyptian Empire, for mothers trying to help children with colic issues and make them to sleep better. This recipe is nothing unusual and in fact very accessible today, chamomile tea. Of course, the first question that surfaces, is chamomile tea safe for my baby? The answer is, ”yes it is.” I did an extensive research of the benefits of the tea before taking the subject to my kid’s pediatrician, which gave me the final green light for me to use this amazing weapon. My research however revealed some surprising qualities. The tea has been famously used for generations in cultures from Europe to Latin America. It’s rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin A . In addition to this it is anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antipyretic (fever reducer) and anti-bacterial and also can strengthen the immune system. Chamomile tea can soothe gas and tummy aches, relaxing the baby’s intestine, which helps to relieve those mentioned symptoms. So many amazing things, right?

Why Giving Chamomile Tea To Your Baby Could Be a Great Idea

Chamomile Tea For Babies

I love chamomile tea. As a Holistic method it helps your baby with the stressful and painful problems with gases, proving to be very efficient on getting rid of that. The first day, I tried two teaspoons of the diluted tea mixed with formula as my milk supply started to fail not much longer after the second surgery and watched my baby for any allergic reaction. The day passed and there were no signs of a rash, vomiting, swelling or any other sign that could be associated to allergies. The next day, I gave her a tablespoon of chamomile tea and she reacted just fine. The third day I tried a little bit more, 1 oz and she still had no reaction. It’s important to remember to use only the caffeine-free version and not to serve more than 1-2 oz per day.

Why Giving Chamomile Tea To Your Baby Could Be a Great Idea

Having My Nights Of Sleep Back With The Help Of Chamomile Tea

One of the most noticeable results of using chamomile tea is that my baby never suffered with colic. In fact, the only episode I can recall of Marie having that problem was when I substituted Enfamil formula for another cheaper formula. Also, while using chamomile tea I noticed a decreasing of diaper rashes episodes and mainly my baby started to sleep longer. She would wake up only every four hours in the night instead of those every two hours I mentioned before. If you are a mother or father you probably know how precious sleep is. Another great thing that I can say is that my baby never got sick in two years, while I was daily serving her with this amazing tea. With the help of this tea I created a solid sleep schedule for my child that consisted in two naps during the day and 10 hours sleep through the night. Learn more here about the techniques I used to make this happen and having my nights of sleep back, when most mothers are still struggling with that.

I want to advise thought that if you want to try chamomile tea with your baby consult your kid’s pediatrician first. Have you tried chamomile tea with your child? How did it go? What did you do to create a sleep schedule to make your baby sleep better throughout the night?

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