What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag – Free Hospital Bag Checklist

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The miracle of life can be quite confusing for new mothers. I am pregnant with my second baby and I have to say this one is nothing like my first pregnancy. Maybe because I don’t have the same complications that I had with my first child or maybe because I have learned more. I feel like I have now all the necessary experience to know how to deal with a baby. I have just one month left until my baby arrives and it’s time to pack our bags. But, what to pack? What is really necessary? These were the main questions I had in my mind with my first baby that I will attempt to answer for you right here, plus you can download and print a cute Hospital Bag Checklist I created specially for you to make your life easier.


First thing is to consider that you may be in the hospital longer than you think, maybe an extra two or three days. Unexpected things can happen, although we all want the best. Obviously, if you are planning on a traditional delivery and end up having a c-section, you may stay in the hospital for up to four days and what you don’t want is to be concerned about things that you need and left at home. Prepare to pack for three people: you, your husband and baby. So lets start this list with your bag.


Buy a super long pair of socks


First thing I can think of is the itch caused by the horrible leg compression pump that they put on your legs after your delivery. I had an awful experience during my first surgery, which was to remove a cyst from my left ovary and l learned quickly that I needed something to protect my legs from being touched by that sponge from inside of the pump when I had my c-section. If you have a sensitive skin like mine, that pump will bother you a lot and the worst thing is that if you have a stomach incision it will be really painful for your to attempt to scratch your legs. So, be prepared and buy a long pair of socks, up to the knees, preferably thick ones so you can use them underneath the pump. This will prevent any itchiness.


Women’s Pad Panties


The hospital will provide you with some heavy bleeding women’s pad and panties, made of a fabric that loses its shape and won’t stay in place. My advice to you is to include in your bag a Depend Silhouette for Women from Always.


Comfortable Sleep Dresses


Many women prefer to wear a front open PJ but, I particularly advise you to take one to three sleeping gowns. If you really want to stick with Pj’s, have at least one sleeping dress in your bag. Why, because they are more comfortable and if you end up to or are having a scheduled c-section, the elastic on the waist of the PJ’s can hurt your incision which will be very sensitive.


Dressing Gown / Robe


You will be asked by your doctor and nurses to walk as a way to prevent blood clots from forming  in your lower body, as well as a way to create bowel movements. A dressing gown will help you to feel more comfortable in your walks and avoid any transparency.


Nursing Bra


If you are planning to nurse, this is one thing that you can’t forget. Pack 4 bras, one for each night that you will stay at the hospital and one extra in case one of them gets dirty by breast milk leaking.


Breast Pad


Once your breast gets stimulated you will start to produce a lot of milk as you feed your baby, which caused some invitable leakings.  Breast pads are a must-have in your bag.




Include in your bag some Toiletry such as


Shower Hat



Lip Balm

Hair Dryer

Hair Band

Body Lotion

Deodorant Antiperspirant








Good to hide the appearance of fatigue on your face after delivery. The photos after that will count a beautiful story and will probably want to be in your best shape in each one them.




You need some comfy and loose dress for traveling home. Your bump may be gone but, your body won’t be back to its shape just yet. Remember that your stomach may be loose and you don’t want anything to hold it together, at least not just yet.



The hospital will provide you with the main meals. Make sure previously that your husband will be included to have free meals during your stay. Many hospitals do not include the father. Also, you probably want to bring something to eat in between. Bring your favorite snacks.


Comfortable Panties


After the bleeding stops you will need some comfortable low waist panties, something that won’t squeeze your stomach or incision. Some women keep bleeding for weeks, others stop bleeding within a couple days. 

Medela Contact Nipple Shield


As a new mother your nipples can get very sensitive and sore during the first nursings and the Medela Contact Nipples can help you to protect your Nipples, giving you time to recover.


Laptop / Tablet


You may want to kill some time by talking to your friends and family that are not nearby for a visit at the hospital or simply watch your preferable Netflix series or movies. Don’t forget to add your devices and chargers to your bag.




Same as the items above you don’t want to forget your phone at home as many of your friends and family will be calling your number to know the knews. Remember to pack your charger.




The hospital will provide you with some anti slippery socks, but you probably want your own slippers.


Birth Plan


I did not have any Birth Plan in my first pregnancy, neither I am planning to have one now. But, if you have one, this must be one of the first things to pack.


For your partner


Camera Photographic- Unless your have schedule a Birth Photographer, your husband will probably be the official photographer to register every moment in your delivery. Remember to pack these items below:


Charged Camera Batteries

SD Cards- unless you are planning to record lots of videos of the birth, a 32GB card should be enough. Otherwise bring a second one.

Snack and Drinks

Laptop/ Tablet and its charger

Cell Phone Charger

Shirts and pants




Bath Towel


For Your Baby


Sleepsuits – It’s hard to predict how big your baby will be, so pack clothing from 0-3 months

Hat – the temperature outside of your womb may be too cold for your baby. It’s import to keep him/she warm by wearing a hat.

A pair of socks

Newborn Diapers – Bring just a few, not the whole pack; just in case your baby need a change on your way home. I’d say just 5 diapers will be sufficient. You probably won’t use them but, you know … “better safe than sorry”.

Muslin Squares

Going home outfit

Car Seat- some hospital won’t discharge your baby unless you present a car seat.

Nursing Pillow


Free Printable Hospital Bag Checklist

For your convenience I have created a cute Hospital Bag Checklist that you can easily print and keep for your baby scrapbook. Just go to our library resource NOW. Click Here.

Hospital Bag Checklist


Do you have any top tips of things to take with you? Was there anything that you forgot? Also, if you like what you read can you please help me by sharing this post? It takes only 10 seconds. Thank you!


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