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What Depression Feels Like and How To Fight It

I am creating habits that I never had before. One of them is to evaluate myself, from time to time. Usually, when we do this it may contain some heavy judgment. We tend to be softer on others than we are with ourselves and being consumed by negative thoughts caused by depression doesn’t help at all.

The key is to see our values, our beauty when our eyes are so blinded by the smoke of that illness. First, we need to find out what depression is, what it looks or feels like to suffer with and separate those negative thoughts caused by that illness from the reality of what we really are.


Understanding this during the difficult moments is indispensable to help you to learn that you cannot trust your negative judgments, especially when it comes to yourself. Now, you may feel insecure, lonely and you are probably thinking that nobody cares about you, nobody loves you or that the people in your life would be better off without you and the biggest lie depression relays is, “this will pass, there is no need to speak to someone about how you feel”.


Discussing mental health is difficult for anyone, especially for those who are experiencing their own mental health challenges. Our society made this a taboo which creates a situation that makes looking for help even more difficult. Have you ever thought of talking to someone and then the fear of not being understood made you reconsider it? This is for sure a common doubt that every depressed person has experienced. However, you should not let this refrain you from finding somebody you trust to speak about your feelings.


Considering this, let’s break down some common myths associated with one who is feeling depressed:

“It will pass”

It will not pass unless you find the help you need. The feeling of sadness will get deeper and deeper. You need to find help from a professional and the support of your family and friends. Make a list of the closest people in your circle and select one that you think would be ideal to speak to.

“I don’t need professional help”

You may think “what I will talk about? All this sadness and negative thoughts are just misplaced ideas” or “they’re not important”. That is the trap that depression may cause you to feel or think. Any negativity thought is worth speaking about and might save your life or of someone you know.

“I am ugly. I am too stupid. I am useless. I am alone.”

Everyone has a difficult moment or two when you feel down but, when those ideas become a constant in your life, it’s time to do a self-analysis. Are those thoughts constant in your day? Is that how you really feel about yourself? If you answered “YES”, learn this; first, it’s a lie. You are a beautiful soul and a beloved creature of God. Your family and friends love you. Second, once again you need to be evaluated by a professional.

To help you with being MORE positive and see the beauty of your life and what you are, I created a simple Positive Day Planner template that you can save to your phone or computer. You just have to print it out and fill it up with WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, your goals for the day and what you are thankful for.

Anxiety and Depression

For example on the field Words of Affirmation, you can write down something like “I am a beautiful soul and a beloved daughter of God”. On the TO-DO LIST, you can write down things like; “I will read a scripture” or “I will read a chapter of a self-help book about how to overcome depression” or “I will not have a negative thought about my appearance today”.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. Romans 15:13 

To download the planner and quotes you just have to CLICK HERE you will be asked to sign in by adding your email. Hope this will help or someone that you might know that is fighting depression. So share this post away, you never know who might need to read these words. Beijos!

PS: I would love to see some of your positive affirmations. Be sure to tag @marie.avenue if you post your Positive Daily Planner to your social media.

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