Walmart Baby Registry That Will Save You Lots Of Money

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This post is very special to me. In fact, everything that is related to baby’s deeply touches my heart. I have had some requests from others to create this post over the past few weeks and now here it is, everything you must have in your Baby Registry Products List that will save your life and MONEY.

As parents, we are always on the hunt for good quality products that are safe for our little ones and that fit our budget. Finding a place that can offer us both isn’t easy and believe me I have tried. As this is a highly requested topic by Mamas and expecting Mama’s, I did my best to list here the greatest products that you can find at Walmart that will also go easy on your budget. 

If you are preparing to have children than you are living the most beautiful time of your life and the last thing that you need is to feel overwhelmed about what to buy for your baby or how much to spend on those things.

Let me emphasize that I will be sharing here only things that I love that have made life easier for me and there’s no other easy way to collect everything your baby needs without creating a registry list. That’s why I love Walmart Baby Registry Services so much. Not only because you can find pretty much everything you can think of but also you can be sure that they will be much more affordable compared to other places.

There’s no question that you are going through so much right now and Walmart Baby Registry can be the extra hand to help you to navigate through this magical moment without feeling overwhelmed.

First, setting up your baby registry is super easy! As soon as you sign up, an automated system will guide you all the way through the process to assure you a stellar shopping experience and set up your registry with everything you need and love. You can edit it, share it with your friends and family and even make it visible in search on Plus you will have a personalized list and thousands of stores to purchase from. How convenient is that?

It goes without mentioning that with the Online Grocery Pick up, Walmart has made my life so much easier. It’s so convenient that I can shop for my baby and buy groceries at the same time without leaving my house. At the end who has the energy to do groceries when you have a little on the way, right? I have to say that with all that above, it’s impossible for moms like me and you not to love Walmart even more.

Items You Should Definitely Include in Your Walmart Baby Registry

CAR SEATS // First and foremost, the car seat. While you can find hundreds of different brands out there, our favorite one is with no doubt the Britax Advocate Clicktight ARB Convertible Car Seat – Circa. I love how it’s easy to install and it has 3 layers of side impact protection. As it’s convertible, my baby can use it for much longer.

HAIR AND SKINCARE // When it comes to baby grooming products I am really obsessed with this brand that you easily find at Walmart, Babygarnics. We used Babygarnics with Marie (still do) and for Amelie. The line uses natural ingredients and I love how it smells. My favorite is the Extra Gentle Shampoo + Body Wash Chamomile Verbena. They also have a mineral based sunscreen lotion that I love and recommend. 

Baby Registry

BOTTLES // Marie took a bottle just fine the first time we offered, which was great as I wasn’t able to breastfeed, due to a surgery that I had to go through, three months after having an emergency c-section. We love the PHILIPS AVENT NATURAL BABY BOTTLES and nipples. It helped a lot finding these at Walmart during this difficult time. They even have a gift set that you can add to your BABY REGISTRY, to make it easier for your baby shower guests to find the perfect and useful gift for you and your child.

BABY SWING// When it comes to soothing your baby, it’s worth making the sacrifice on your budget, to obtain the right gear, not only because your infant needs to rest but because you need it too. I can’t recall how many times the bouncers I had saved my life when my baby was crying her lungs out and I had so much to do in the house while experiencing sleep deprivation.

At some point, we had 4 bouncers in the house (one in the kitchen, one in our bedroom, one in the living room and another in the basement) But our favorite ones are the Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing, Etcher, and the Ingenuity Soothe ‘n Delight Portable Swing. Both of my kids loved these bouncers and I always took advantage to rest a little bit while they were relaxing on them.

Baby Registry

MONBEBE FLEX DELUXE PLAYARD // This can fit into small spaces for when you are traveling. We have traveled quite a few times and we always took this Playard playpen with us everywhere and we still do.

DIAPER BAG // We loved the backpack style of diaper bags because it works for both mom and dad. It can be attached to a stroller and it’s super useful since it has several pockets, including two insulated folded ones for you to store formula, breast milk or other types of baby food. 

Baby Registry

MUSLIN BLANKETS // I love these aden + anais Swaddles. They are soft and lightweight and they have the cutest print. They are so versatile, you can use them as blankets or burp cloths. 

Baby Registry

SWADDLE // Another great product that can’t be missed in your baby registry is a few pairs of swaddles. They help your baby to sleep better and longer and relax, as it stimulates the tightness of your womb that your child knows so well.

CARRIER // We used this carrier for both of our babies and can’t say enough how much useful it is. It is soft and comfortable for both mom and parent use. It grows with your baby and there are several ways to carry it.

Baby Registry

VIDEO MONITOR // This baby monitor features 2-way communication, Room temperature display and infrared night vision plus 5 lullabies, which is so helpful to create the perfect environment for your baby to sleep.

DIAPERS // You definitely want to have a stock of these ready to go when you bring your newborn home and nothing is better than when you can find the best product at an affordable price. We love that we can find both things at Walmart. Our go-to as parents of two kids is Huggies for its quality. They are soft, cost less and hold more and for much longer.  

WIPES // Same as with the diapers, Huggies Wipes are soft and gentle to your baby skin and along with Free & Clear Wipes and Babygarnics, they are my must-have on Baby Registries.

ONESIES // You can never have too many. My tip is to include in your Baby Registry, both long and short sleeve versions for wear in Summer and Winter and always order 1 or 2 sizes up so your baby can wear it longer.

Crib Bump Liners // Another thing that you can not forget to include in your Baby Registry list is a crib liner. I particularly love this one that is made with a breathable mesh that prevents suffocation. Safe for your baby and peace of mind to yourself.

Bottle Warmers // Lastly but not least, the bottle warmers. This one is perfect as it warms breast milk, formula and baby food. You may already know that it is not advised not to use the microwave to warm up formula and breast milk as it heats unevenly and the results create “hot spots”, which can scald your baby’s mouth. I found this warmer a perfect solution to this problem and a helping hand for busy mamas.

Baby Registry

Well, I hope you find this short list helpful. See you in the next Baby Registry Edition.
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  • Such great products! Although we didn’t need bottles while my kids were newborn as I breastfed we needed lots of the other things, and the baby carrier is definitely the most useful!

    These photos of your daughter are adorable too – she’s so happy! You’re doing a great job mama!

    Hope that you have a great weekend ahead of you! Going to be a rainy one here so will be a quiet one for us 🙂

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