Best valentines Day Gifts ideas for her

Best Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Her

I love Valentines Day! Some people may say that it is just a commercial holiday but in fact it’s way more than that. It’s when you take the time in you day to celebrate love, to put everything out of focus and concentrate only on your lover. You still might say “well, we should celebrate love everyday”. Yes. That’s right but, knowing that life gets so busy sometimes it’s hard to believe that this would be feasible and that’s why a dedicated day to celebrate romance is so important.

Think of it this way, if you love someone why not use that single day to make her happy and vice versa? It doesn’t take too much time to write a letter, buy some flowers and take her out. It’s not the material things that will count, believe me. Years ahead she will remember that day when you took the time to stop by somewhere to get her flowers or of that special dinner you guys had at her favorite restaurant. She or he will remember the effort you put in just to celebrate love your love for them. Does that make sense? I bet it does!

Maybe I am just a little obsessed with Valentines, because during my teenage years, I never had an official boyfriend during the holiday, just some casual dates and ended up that I never could celebrate V-day back then. I remember the feeling of jealousy for seeing my friends organizing little surprises to their boyfriends. So traumatic! Lol!

Well, you may be struggling to think what would be the best gift for her and this is where I step in to help you. Struggle no more. I created a list of gifts that every woman would love to received that ranges from workout gear to the classic makeup products. Easy peasy!

One of my favorite gifts from this list is the Amber mug. At first you may think it’s just an ordinary mug but, it’s quite the opposite. If your valentines loves coffee or its just like me that adores a hot drink in the morning (Pero specifically speaking), she will thank you for the rest of her life for this mug. It keeps your drink at your desired temperature through an app. It can be activated from anywhere and will notify you that your drink has just reached the appropriate temperature. Perfect for anyone in your life, right?! So go ahead and choose from the gift list the ones that most fit your love.

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