Trying New Things

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I confess I am very skeptical about trying new restaurants but, a trip without the risks of a Gastronomic Tourism is not a trip. We went out for a small vacation of four days only to Idaho, and we stopped by my in-laws to see Twin Falls, which is, by the way,one of the most amazing places I’ve seen.

Of course, we had to try the Clover Leaf Creamery, highly recommended by my father-in-law, who took us there and I can say is a specialist in ice cream or he used to be before stopping ingesting sugar. Well, we weren’t disappointed.The place is amazing!

The vintage look will make you to want to come back but, it’s , of course, the ice cream that catches you up. Made with all natural ingredients you can trust that you will have the most delicious ice cream of your life. I had the coconut with chocolate. Believe me the chocolate is to die for.

The place has a space outside to enjoy the weather and the beautiful antique architecture of the building near by. Unfortunately for us, it started to rain once we got there and we had to enjoy our ice-creams in the store.

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