Traffic Secrets By Russell Bruson – Book Review

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“This post is sponsored by Russell Brunson. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”

Hello everyone, I know I have been missing from posting lately but here I am back to talk about an important subject, traffic. I am so happy for partnering with Russell Brunson to promote his new book, The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers. I wonder how many of you guys have a blog or online business and struggle with getting visitors. If you do have a blog or any business that you want to create a presence for you certainly have heard about SEO, Marketing, getting the right customers, readers, etc. Today, I want to share with you a special book that covers a lot of our questions on how to succeed online. The “Traffic Secrets – The Underground Playbook” was written by Russel Brunson and designed to filling websites and funnel with the perfect customers (in my case also readers).

Russel, started his first company while in college. He has sold a million dollars in his products that included services that help entrepreneurs to create a presence online and get their message out there. Now, Russel has launched the Traffic Secrets book which is the holy grail to anybody who wants to succeed in today’s marketplace.

One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs and bloggers face is getting our future customers (and I say customer because this is what our readers and followers are, to begin with as many of us monetize or plan to by working with affiliate links) to discover that we or our products even exist.

For us bloggers, traffic is fundamental as we don’t have a specific product or tangible good to sell. We are essentially “the product”  that we want to market in order to be known as a resource in the niche we work at and therefore create a career that will provide for us. Here is where the Traffic Secrets book plays a huge role. With some great evergreen traffic strategies that work for everybody and every niche, you can precisely create your way to success with this book.

As bloggers and entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of social media and this is where this book gets even better. The second section of it is entirely dedicated to dismembering old concepts in regards to the mentioned subject by ultimately reveals the secret to thriving. The book has a dedicated chapter for each of the most popular platforms that include Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Google.

One of my most loved feature of this book is its language. We know how confusing and difficult SEO and marketing can be and what we don’t need is instructions that have an unclear message and clueless strategies. In this section, you will be instructed to establish your 100 accounts to which your potential followers (and customers) engage by simply identifying what pictures caught my attention and made me feel like reading the caption (where usually affiliate links are), what caption drove me to action.

I couldn’t really be any more excited about working with Russell Bruson and for what I have learned so far that will surely take me to where I want to be.

To learn more about Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers click here.

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