The Best Chic Non Maternity Dress for Pregnancy

non maternity dress
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Can you believe how fast is this year going? I feel like it was yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas and now we are basically in the middle of the year. I can’t believe that I am only about two days away from having my baby in my arms. Seriously, I will miss this big belly, despite all the trouble and pain a pregnancy brings to a woman. This is making me really sad as I have no plan to try another baby any time in this life. I can’t prevent from feeling deep sorrow in this regard. Well, here I am wearing a comfortable casual long sleeve dress from ASOS in my last days of pregnancy. It fits so well, for a non maternity dress as it’s made of a lightweight stretch fabric. I love how feminine it is and that it instantly adds elegance to even a pregnant silhouette like mine.

non maternity dress

 Nothing means as much to a woman when carrying a baby than feeling beautiful even with all the changes caused by the pregnancy. It’s so easy for us to have our self esteem decreased by all the hormones actuating in our bodies

The struggle is real. Who cares about being stylish when you are too tired to even think of brushing your hair. Yes, pregnancy is a hard task. We have to make some extra effort to look great. High heels are easily rejected as most women lose their balance as their belly grows. Fortunately this side effect doesn’t affect me too much and that’s why I was able to walk on these amazing ankle strap pump from Charlotte Russe.

non maternity dress

non maternity dress

Yes, it is hard to take good care of ourselves during pregnancy but, once we put that little extra effort in looking better, the feeling is just amazing! You will probably enjoy your big belly much more! To be honest, I don’t always have the energy to play dress up and put some makeup on. If you can’t it’s just fine.You are already working super hard on creating life in your womb.

non maternity dress

I am so glad that I am in my final days of my pregnancy without having abnormal issues with it and can still fit in a size 4, non-maternity dress despite weighing 144 lb (10 lbs more than my last baby). Yes, clean eating pays off, especially when it comes to gain only the necessary weight during pregnancy, which will make it easier to lose it afterwards.

non maternity dressOf course, wearing a dress designed for non pregnant women can be a little tricky no matter how big or small your belly is. The fit must be just comfortable enough to accommodate you without making you gasping for air. That’s why I love this dress! Its close-cut body fits my preggo shape amazingly and the good thing is that I will still be able to wear it after my baby is born.

non maternity dress

Saving money never hurt anybody and this is another thing I love about this dress. Who said that you can’t be elegantly dressed and stylish, still have quality and pay little for your outfit? Creativity and knowing what store to buy from is the key. ASOS has lots of promotions and a section on their website called Outlet where you can buy great brand name clothing and accessories at some very affordable prices.

non maternity dress

Well, after a day of shopping at my favorite hangout (shop mall) with my sister, I found a gorgeous pair of a floral pumps that caught my attention at Nordstrom. I am all about texture and colors when it comes to shoes but unfortunately we ended up not buying them, which was for the best.

non maternity dress

At the same mall after visiting Charlotte Russe we found an amazing promotion on a very similar shoe. The only difference on those from Nordstrom, I swear, was the ankle straps. Otherwise, the texture, print and heels were all exactly the same, with the exception of the price and promotion that we saw at Charlotte Russe, which was buy one get one for $10. Actually, this store runs a lot of promotions like that throughout the year. I call this a win!

non maternity dress


What is your favorite clothing store to buy from?

Any question let me know.

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