Summer Unplugged

A perfect moment for me is when I get to spend time with my baby and husband. I stop anything I am doing just to share with them any fraction of time. Saturday is therefore, our weekly date day as my hubby has some time off . We are always doing something around the city. Salt Lake City summer is like Phoenix, reborn from the ashes of a boring cold season to blossom full of life.

Events, free or paid, children friendly or not, pops up in every corner of the state. If you just need a cool place to relax or to enjoy the weather, without paying a dime, this is also possible. Salt Lake City is full of good places to hang out with your family or friends. An example of this is the Herriman Reservoir. The place is not very big, the reservoir is kind of small and the water is not very warm. However, the reservoir is very well maintained and it has a good infrastructure like bathrooms, small pavilions and also, some grass areas.

Our Saturday started kind of interesting as we headed off to a new “beach” at the Spanish Fork Harbor after seeing some news about it on Fox 13 News Utah, just to find out that it was completely misleading and the beach in question was nothing more than a small, dirty, bad smelling area. We were so disappointed with what we saw there but, our frustration was erased by how nice Herriman Reservoir is. Marie, of course, loved the water and didn’t want to get out. Lucky me because it was, actually, so cold! I am still trying to figure out how my baby had the courage to get into the water without a problem and my husband and I acted like two big babies complaining about getting our feet wet.


We finished our weekend adventures at Cold Stone Creamery. I don’t even need to say that Marie loved it, specially the Brownie ice-cream pie. I usually don’t feed her with anything that has so much sugar but, I decided to open an option just for that day.

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