A Stroller Friendly Hiking Trail In Utah Every Parent Must Go With Kids

Weekends are always bright and fun for us. The weekends are the best time to spend together, and enjoy what Utah has to offer, outdoor activities. After two years stuck at home, I am ready to finally go out and explore this beautiful world.

In 2015, I gave birth to a beautiful little princess after a high risk pregnancy, which forced me to stay in bed most of the time. In 2016 I was taking care of a newborn, and it  was impossible to do certain activities. Baby Marie is almost two now and things are getting easier. There are still some activities or events we can’t do or go to but, at the end we were blessed with a little girl  that is full of energy, loves to go out and have fun.

Our goal is to expose Marie to nature as much as we can and make her see the beauty of this world that God made for us. Hopefully, she will stay this way as she grows, always loving and enjoy being outside instead of playing video games, or on the internet.

Saturday is always the most anticipated and exciting day of the week. On the weekends we feel that our week just got started as we have time for each other. We are always looking for something fun and enjoyable to do. Of course, this becomes easier in the summer, as the rigorous winter of Utah doesn’t give us many activities that can be done with a baby.

This week however, started on Thursday with a concert in Ogden that can be read here. and finished with an amazing hike to the Bridal Veil Falls. The great thing about this place is that it’s paved and absolutely stroller friendly. So, no worries about carrying your baby all the way up as you can go around the base of the canyon through a straight trail that is easy for children and can be done by most. Parking and bathrooms are available on the trailhead and you will need to bring your own water. If you have a four paw family members, no problem, they are welcome too, as long you keep them on a leash. Unfortunately, we decided to leave Daisy (our Yorkshire) at home, in case pets were prohibited. Next time!

We had the company  for a moment of some of my husband’s co-workers, since this hiking event was organized by the corporation he works for. We splitted later as they took the upper trail to the canyon.

On the way home we stopped by Mimi’s cafe in Orem, a restaurant that we totally chose randomly specialized in breakfast and lunch. You know what? I am loving my new adventurous through the culinary of Utah. I am very happy with this place! It has a cute bistro layout and the best Orange French Toast that I’ve ever eaten. We got a healthy, no sugar oatmeal cereal with banana and cinnamon for Marie, that she loved.

Sunday however, we spent on bed eating popcorn and watching the latest episodes of The Flash on Netflix. You can call it a lazy boring day, but I really love these moments where we can rest quietly together. I slept on my hubby’s shoulder, as I tried not to break the tradition of being incapable of watching a movie without falling asleep.









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