Splash Pad Fun!

I love those days where it’s not too hot, not too cold, and we can pack up the stroller with some swimsuits, snacks, sunscreen and toys for the day and just head out! Today I took Marie to a Splash Pad Park and she just loved it. She laughed out loud the whole time. I am now starting to try to take her out more often and let her enjoy as much as she can near where we live. It’s almost as if our whole little city was our backyard. Marie, of course was so incredibly happy for just being there, that she was obstinate to go home.

The pictures are from Saturday when we tried for the first time the Sierra Newbold Memorial Park. Of course, as I’ve always being concerned about Marie’s diet I brought a lot of water and fruits along. I have shared before, I try my best to minimize her intake of sugar. That said, chocolate and candies are not part of her diet. It’s a habit of mine not to leave my house without some healthy snacks for her, such as some sliced up strawberries and bananas (her favorite). After all that, we are then ready to go out and enjoy the amazing summer days while it lasts and of course, I am not planning on waste a second as a warm weather is a luxury here in Utah.

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