Smash Cake Photo Shoot at The Capital

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Many of you know that in the past three weeks, I was busy organizing a party for my youngest baby girl. She just turned three on April 9th and I can’t believe how fast time flies. I hate thinking that she is now considered a toddler and not a little baby anymore. Anyways, if you guys haven’t had the opportunity to check out how the party came along, here it is. You can quickly go to the post by just clicking here: GARDEN THEME FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS

Smash Cake Photo Shoot

I initially had plans to do the smash cake photo shoot a day before the party, but lots of things came up including the fact that I was obviously too busy taking care of the last details of the party. I ended up being forced to postpone the shoot to a week after the event.

Smash Cake Photo Shoot

The day of the photo session was perfectly sunny and warm until it was time to leave the house to venture up to the Capitol Hill, the planned location that I always wanted to take pictures at. As the sun doesn’t go down in Utah until 8:30 pm during this time of the year I wasn’t in a rush. I thought that leaving the house by 2:30 pm would give me plenty of time to take all the pictures I wanted before heading off to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants in the downtown area. In fact, it would have been perfect if it wasn’t for an unexpected visitor, rain.

Smash Cake Photo Shoot

Once we were at the Capitol, the sky quickly turned dark and our last concern was the crowd of people that had the same idea as me of taking pictures of their teens in huge prom dresses while having the beautiful Cherry blossoms as the background. Actually, that would be something that I could handle but, we had two babies and a cake with us and it started to rain.

Smash Cake Photo Shoot

At a certain point, we had to give up on the idea of taking more pictures and we were on our way back to the car, it rained so heavily that all that crowd got dispersed and we were the only ones still there. We had a brief break in the rain and decided to stay for a few more minutes and finish our session.

Smash Cake Photo Shoot

Despite, all of this craziness of Utah weather we managed to take some beautiful pictures of our family and especially of the little Amelie and here they are for you to enjoy!

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  • All of these very special birthday family photos turned out great, despite the weather. I love that you all matched in coral and peach, Lana. Happy Birthday to both of your daughters. God bless them!

    In my latest post I talk a little bit about Michigan and its great lakes. =) Come check it out and join my Thursday Moda Linkup on Thursdays, too.

    Thanks, Ada. =)

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