7 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Idaho

Pocatello – Old Town Pocatello

I wish I had posted this before but after our trip to Idaho many things happened and I completely forgot to write about it. How could I forget to post about one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my whole life? Maybe my memory is getting worse?

The first 2 days of our vacation we stayed in Pocatello, a small city that reminds you of a big metropolis full of those famous store chains. I did not explore it much as I wanted to. We only took a quick tour through the cute Old Town to see the charming of the 18th Century’s buildings. You can learn more about Pocatello here.

Lava Hot Springs

We were short on time and our focus was to enjoy as much as we could of Lava Hot Spring before heading off to Twin Falls to visit our family. It was the beginning of May when we decided to take this short vacation to Idaho and visit this little town; not the best time of the year to enjoy a hot spring pool but, crazy is our last name and we did.

We had a blast there. The small “mountain city” is just a half hour away from Pocatello. We have more details about the amazing Lava Hot Spring in a previous post here. The infrastructure of the place is amazing! They have family accommodations. All of the spring pools (four in total) are all paved with stone and covered with sun-shade sail canopies. The little town has some restaurants that I did not try, but all of them looked inviting surrounded by mountains.

Twin Falls – Perrine Bridge

After two days of fun in Pocatello and Lava Hot Springs, it was time to head off to Twin Falls. I was told by my husband that I would love it, that the place is incredible, gorgeous, etc. Once we arrived, I suddenly realized that none of these adjectives lived up to the beauty of that city and I have no words that will describe it with justice.

The road trip between cities was only 1h 40m. We quickly stopped by the Perrine Bridge before going to my in laws house and it was difficult to see from the car, therefore you must take the time to walk on the designated path on the canyon rim. Breathtaking is the only word I can think of that more or less describes what I saw there.

The bridge itself is impressive, the architecture, the engineering, etc. You start questioning how 90 years ago they had the technology and resources to build something like that. After all those years the bridge looks steady, untouched from time and weather. Luckily for me, my in-laws live just minutes away from it and we simply walked from their house to the trail, that is stroller friendly because it is paved, as I previously mentioned.

The Buffalo Breakfast & Dinner

The next day was chilly and rainy, nothing that could stop us from enjoying the beauty of Twin Falls. First thing in the morning we had an amazing experience at the Buffalo, a breakfast and lunch diner. I had the delicious french toast, that comes with various handmade jellies for you to try. If you go there try the Pineapple one, my favorite, simply delicious.

Snake River Canyon

After filling our stomachs, it was time to go to our first stop, the canyon. I was impressed with the houses that have their backyards facing towards the canyon and with a beautiful view of the bridge. With a view like this, one would be foolish not to take advantage and  have a romantic dinner with your love, appreciating the sunset through your back door.

Shoshone Falls

The second stop was the Shoshone Falls, a waterfall on the Snake River, 212 feet high and 45 feet deep, higher than Niagara falls. The place reminded me a lot of the Sete Quedas do Iguaçu, of Southern Brazil. Our visit there was accompanied with lot of a chilly drizzle coming from the fall that made our visit a little hard to enjoy. A great thing about this place is the fact that Shoshone Falls is surrounded by a wide grass area with spaces for a picnic or a barbecue with family and friends. That was our plan at the beginning, but as it was too cold and rainy we decided to keep going with a tour throughout the city.

Balance Rock Park

Located in the South of  the Salmon Falls Creek Canyon the Balance Rock is a must to see.  It’s over 48 feet tall and 40 tons. This stone seems to defy the law of gravity as it balances on a wind-carved pedestal that measures only 3 feet by 17 inches. Nothing impressive, right?

Our day finished with a trip to a handmade ice-cream store called the Clover Leaf Creamery. This is where I took advantage to photograph some of the oldest buildings in town. Amazing!

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