ORC-Small Office Space Renovation on a Budget Week 1

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Call me crazy but, I am working on four different renovation projects right now in my house, my NURSERY and TODDLER BEDROOM, office and yard. I get to share three of them at the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE. If you do not know what that is I will give you a hint right here. One Room Challenge is a bi-annual event where interior designers and design enthusiasts like me work in renovating a space of their choice and share the progress of it within a period of 6 weeks total though a blog post and at the ORC website.

As mentioned before I am also working on my front and back yards. Unfortunately, the yard work will need much more time than only 6 weeks to finish. Therefore, I will be sharing only the first three. Despite how overwhelmed this was I am happy to say that we are at the final stage to be done with the bedrooms and office.

ORC-Small Office Space Renovation on a Budget Week 1

In this post I will be sharing with you the progress of my first week working in the space that will be my office and makeup room. The room used to be Marie’s bedroom but, as she grows she will be in need of more space than I will ever need to do makeup and edit photos.

ORC-Small Office Space Renovation on a Budget Week 1

The idea is to make it as bright as bright can be, very feminine without any exaggeration. The color pallet chosen mixes gold, white and blush. Of course, you may already know, I only work and trust in Behr paint because of it consistency, covering and beautiful colors.

ORC-Small Office Space Renovation on a Budget Week 1

I had some trouble painting the office walls, as the color I chose (a very white shade) was mistaken by an Egg shell shade instead of the flat one I asked for. I do not know about you but, I simply hate any kind shine on walls. I had to go back to Home Depot and guess what? I got the wrong type and shade again.

ORC-Small Office Space Renovation on a Budget Week 1

After I painted the walls, I noticed that instead of getting the white I was expecting I actually got a very bright (almost white) shade of blue. I grew tired of visiting HD, so I decided to keep that paint which ended up working out just fine.

The blue shade brought all the light into the space making it seem bigger and brighter. Despite all the confusion of these mistakes, I am super happy with the results. So this is my first week, I see you next Thursday. Cheers!

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  • That’s good that the paint color worked out in the end! And I am impressed that you are able to work on so many projects at once. 🙂 love the ideas you have for this space.

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