Bedroom Accent Wall

ORC-DIY Girl’s Bedroom Accent Wall – Marie’s Room Renovation (Week 2)

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I am so excited about having started Marie’s bedroom Accent Wall last week. I have planned to do this for months. But just now, two months after the c-section and a postpartum infection I am finally doing it.

So let me do a quick resume of the last days on working on Marie’s Bedroom renovation. The first step I took was to create a scheme of what I have in mind with some of the decor and furniture I am thinking of. With so many options and a plan to stay on budget, this was hard. Part of the idea in order to save money without giving up on beauty and style was to incorporate to the design some DIY projects. For that I have started making some simple do – it – yourself decor that will look amazing along with all the other things I have for Marie’s bedroom. A growth chart, bookshelves and a tee pee made of lace are just a few of them. I confess I am very anxious to see all these things to be done.

Bedroom Accent Wall

The second step was to create a sketch so I could visualize the floral mural I had pictured in my mind. With that done it was time to create a background for the flowers I will be drawing and for this I used a super bright tone of white from Behr, my favorite paint line.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Bedroom Accent Wall – The Boring Part of The Process

The third step, hands on. This is definitely the most boring part of all the process. I had all the walls painted with a beautiful tone of beige which made me having some double thoughts about repainting a kid’s bedroom white. But, I really love bright spaces and I am sure the very white color I chose will basically bring the sun into the room and make it look bigger and inviting.

I was wrong when I stated that painting walls is the most boring part of the process of renovating a room. Taping the walls is the number 1, especially my walls that are not even and at some points the ceiling seems to be crooked. I don’t know about you but, I am that kind of person who magically can get paint under a plastic covered floor and make a huge mess. Seriously, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. After a day of work, I will find paint even in my hair.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Bedroom Accent Wall Hands-On

After months of planning, brainstorming and sourcing, finally having my “hands on” this project it really makes me feel good.  I am thrilled to share this space renovation process with you. I had never designed a little girl’s bedroom before, so this was all sorts of sentimental. It’s hard to see my baby doll grow up so fast.

Bedroom Accent Wall

One evening, a couple of days ago, as I was giving the second coat of paint to a wall I began reminiscing about my own childhood. Putting in this much time and effort – not to mention resources – into a room for a kid in Brazil back in those days decades ago it wasn’t feasible. Back then, you got a bed and some blankets and you were all set! I am happy to have the resources and means to make her space inviting and beautiful as she deserves and that will be something that she is going to enjoy years ahead.

Bedroom Accent Wall

Well, this week I have accomplished to finish the other half of Marie’s bedroom accent wall and it really looks amazing. If I hadn’t told you, would you think that is just a painting and not wallpaper? Neither do I. I can’t I believe how it turned out to be so good.

Bedroom Accent Wall

I’m especially excited that the end results will be a good mix of already owned pieces and a couple newly purchased items that can easily transition through the years. Next week the plan is to start exchanging the moldings and door trims, for which I am thinking of some large and flat ones. I can’t wait to see this to be done as after that we’ll be ready to bring the furniture and decor in which will highlight the bedroom accent wall. Stick around and see what comes next.

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