Bedroom Renovation

Fall 2018 One Room Challenge – Kid’s Bedroom Renovation (Week 1)

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Okay, this is my first time in the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and I am so excited for being part of it as a guest this year. If you’re not familiar with the One Room Challenge let me tell you what it is. It’s a bi-annual event where interior designers, design enthusiasts and blogger participate in transforming a space of their choice. Every week in a period of 6 weeks participants will share the progress of their rooms on their blogs. So be sure to head over to the One Room Challenge  website and we’ all of us are up to.

Kid’s bedroom renovation is not easy. Marie’s mural was, in fact, the first one I tried to paint even before Amelie’s, but something wasn’t right with it. I simply didn’t feel the butterflies in my stomach of when you fall in love with something. I decided then to take a break on working on Marie’s mural to focus only on my newborn’s panel instead.

As I finished Amelie’s mural it was time to concentrate my creativity back on what to do for Marie’s bedroom. I had half of the wall done with a very colorful design with tones of burgundy, pink, gray, blue and green. But no matter how many people said it looked beautiful I simply could not continue to work on something that I didn’t love and then I had a mental and physical breakdown. It was at that moment when I decided to repaint everything. It may sound crazy but, I am very happy with the decision I made.

Kid’s Bedroom Renovation on a Budget – Brainstorming Your Ideas to a Sketch


Bedroom renovation

Bedroom Renovation

This time I wouldn’t repeat my mistake of not brainstorming my ideas to a sketch before, as I did with Amelie’s mural. After having the walls all painted with a bright shade of white last week, I tried this week to follow what I initially had in mind and stick with this new trend of floral themed nursery/kid’s room by adding some of the flowers I liked most from some wallpaper that I had viewed online. I also decided to add only two main colors to it. When drawing my sketch, I created the two focal points on the wall that would be covering its upper edges and other large flowers in the middle.

The Color Scheme

After having a better vision of my ideas, I focused on choosing the color scheme. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to add a bright coral shade to my mural. I didn’t anticipate how hard that would be. I tried several tones that were too dark until I decided to mix some of them with a white color from Behr and I finally got the shade I was thinking of. I wanted the room to feel overall girly but, with no space to be kitsch. It’s not every day I get to design a space for a little girl, and I certainly didn’t want to lose out on the fun of that experience. So, I added to the palette, a soft pink and the gold and olive green tones to create the background.


With that, I decided it was time to get my hands dirty and start to draw on the wall the flowers from my sketch. The goal was to make it look as much as possible like the wallpapers that I love. Drawing on the wall It was not an easy task but after filling it all the way up with the help of a carpenter pencil I was sure this would be something that would please me.

Bedroom renovation

As you may imagine, wallpapering this wall or Amelie’s would cost too much and I really did not want to deal with ripping off this wallpaper, once I got tired of the look. That said I am sure I made the right decision on drawing my own floral design instead of adding someone else’s and on top of it, I ended up adding a special personal touch to the space of one of the most important people in my life. So, I used my creativity to give my child a gift from the bottom of my heart. My hard work, my time, dedication and love are all in it and it is priceless.

Bedroom renovation

When I first began designing this space, I was hypersensitive to the fact that my little girl is transitioning from being just a baby to be a toddler way too quick. I think she feels the same as she often acts like a little baby by asking me to hold her, put her binky in her mouth and give her a bottle.

Well, let me go back to what’s the reason for this post – the renovation. A major challenge I’m facing in this room is the limited space. Fitting a toddler bed, a dresser in that small space wouldn’t work. Considering this, adding too many decorations would make the room look way too chaotic and smaller. So instead, I chose to soothe the coral palette with a white color, followed by a plan of adding some bolder elements with a touch of gold here and there with some accessories

I ended up this week having half of the wall painted with the main flowers which is a bit frustrating, to be honest. I expected to be done with the mural in one week and now I think I will need another one just to finish the other half.

Bedroom renovation

On the other hand, this “downtime”- if you can call it that – is essential to making things perfect, as I like and narrow down my design direction. There is still plenty to do. Some furniture needs to be retouched, some DIY projects need to get started, etc. But, once I am done with all of these different items, I will be ready to finally display Marie’s bedroom.

It doesn’t help that we are currently working in three other projects; Amelie’s nursery mural, my office/makeup room and our back/front yard. Sometimes I ask myself “what did I get myself into?”. This is what I like to do. I love to use my creativity to make things look and function better, making my house more comfortable and personalized for our needs.  

Well, I will see you next week with more updates. I hope by that time I will be able to tell you that I have finished the mural and hope that it looks amazing! Stay tuned!


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