A Non Maternity Dress That Is Perfect For Your Bump

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I like to think that I am not a high maintenance girl or at least my husband makes me to believe I am not. I praise myself for not being obsessed with big brand names. To me what it’s really important is to feel comfortable and like what I am wearing, rather than the price. As a mother, I prefer spend money on experiences than in expensive clothing. It may sound hypocrite coming from a girl who owns more than a 100 pairs of shoes. But, the truth is I collected those over the years and always focused on buying them under a restricted rule of taking advantage of promotions as much as possible. Rules such that are not always possible to follow when you’re buying formal dresses for an event.

non maternity dress that is perfect for your baby bump

Unfortunately, when it comes to cocktail dresses you won’t find good deals and you have to be ready to spend over $100 on them. This dress that I am wearing on this post is everything perfect but, the price may not please some. Luckily, I got this amazing blush dress under a good deal months ago and I didn’t use it until the New Year’s party.

non maternity dress that is perfect for your baby bump

The color, design and shine did attract much interest from the other girls at the event and therefore I decided to create a post about the look I wore during Reveillon. This dress is from Ralph Lauren, a brand name clothing design that you can find at Macy’s, Dillard’s and Nordstrom.

A non maternity dress that is perfect for your baby bump

If you really love this dress as much I do and want one to call yours, you may find it difficult to buy at one of the stores previously mentioned. But, don’t worry I did my research and I found it for you on Amazon. The photo illustrated may not be that appealing, but believe me the dress fits well and it’s very flattering to any silhouette. Look, I am 7 months pregnant. I know what I am talking about. A thing to keep in mind is that this is not a maternity dress but, just a regular one that you can wear whatever journey you are in your life right now. It would make me sad to buy a beautiful maternity dress that I won’t be able to wear after this pregnancy of mine as it will be my last one.

A non maternity dress that is perfect for your baby bump

If you are pregnant you can buy it without worry, wear it without the feeling you are suffocating and still save it until after your baby is born. Saving some money never hurt anybody, right?

A non maternity dress that is perfect for your baby bump

A non maternity dress that is perfect for your baby bump

About the fitting, It totally runs true to size. I am wearing a small and remember, I am tiny when it comes to body shape. But, even with this big belly I was able to fit in it just fine. Same thing happened before my pregnancy when I tried it on as the fabric stretches out easily.

I want to talk a little bit about my booties. I’ve received many questions about them. If they are worth the money, what brand are those, if they are easy to walk in, and how comfortable are they? The answers are: yes, JustFab, yes, very much. They are quality and timeless. I love the nude color in this style, specifically it gives it a boho chic vibe which I love.  Easy to walk in even for a pregnant woman, who’s losing her balance as her belly grows. The large heals help a lot and yes they make them super comfortable, I promise. I’m going to post a couple of my favorites below and hope you guys find something you love. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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