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My Weight Loss Routine + 30 Days Fat Burning Journey

As you may already know by this time I have created Marie Avenue as an outlet to escape depression. That being said, one of the first symptoms of it is a significant decrease in your self-esteem. I remember my first episode of this terrible mental illness when I was 12 years old and literally I couldn’t function to execute minor tasks such as brush my hair and teeth, take a bath, eat properly, etc. I was so deep into my depression that I could not have cared less about my appearance. Recently this illness came back strong along with Anxiety that in a certain way contributed to this post about my next journey on weight loss.

weight loss

Reviewing my experience with Depression I came to a conclusion that are some cycles that every person suffering from this illness goes through. When you come to a point where you are unable to perform small tasks such as the ones I previously mentioned, this is of course a dangerous stage of the illness when nothing else matters. All of the things that used to be fun fade away as the dark night. Like cancer, depression also has its final stage. This stage is when all of the feelings of happiness, joy, hope, and the last drop of self-love, simply disappear. I mean, you start to feel numb and at this point, life has already lost its significance. 

Our Purpose

I am not here to bring you down by talking about such a gloomy subject but I want to give an insight into what Marie Avenue is, why I created it and how it has helped me so much to cope with depression and anxiety. Considering this, Marie Avenue’s sole purpose is to share to the world my journey of keeping this illness under control and maybe through this, help someone out there that might be going through the same issues as I am. 

As depression attacks self-love, I feel inclined to write about things that I love instead of narrowing my options down to one niche as a blogger, for instance only beauty or only wellness. Here I speak about motherhood, family, fashion, mental health, and a bit of home decor and craft ideas. These things are my passion and they give me a sense of what life means. 

I believe beauty and fashion are closely linked to the way you feel, how you see yourself and how life impacts you. When you wake up in the morning and take care of yourself, such as do your hair and your nails, etc, it means more than trying to look good for everyone else. It means that depression hasn’t broken you down, it means that you are fighting back and that you want to live and keep loving yourself. 

My Personal Trainer is always on top of me, I mean…literally.

That said, it makes perfect sense to believe that mental health also pairs with the way you treat your body. It may sound cliche to say that when you feel good you want to look good, but it is in fact, the truth. This is why here at Marie Avenue I will always talk about taking care of oneself, mentally and physically because these two “aspects ” of one’s existence walk side by side and they both reflect our taking of life.

My Next Journey-Weight Loss

After all of this clarification, I want to invite you into my next journey and I bet you were only waiting for a little push to join me in this challenge. After some time allowing myself to feel anxious and depressed while trying to soften my symptoms with chocolate along with two pregnancies, I gained a few pounds that I am planning on getting rid of SOON through a weight loss journey. Nevertheless, I need to say that I am not selling anything, neither do I want to buy any magical source of losing weight at a light speed.  My purpose here is solely to meet girls that are on or want to start a healthy journey by eating better, exercising more, and finding happiness in this life. 

So if you are looking for inspiration, please join me in my journey, and let’s support each other by sharing recipes, exercises, and all health-related things, or just stop by to see my progress every week.

Weekly Updates On My Weight Loss Journey

Starting today I will be making weekly updates on my progress and I hope I can achieve my goal of slimming down 5 LBs through exercise and intermittent fasting for which I found a great app that has everything I need to keep track of my progress throughout my journey. It includes how many hours I am supposed to fast in order to fulfill my objective and other amazing features that I am so excited to try out.

I have to say that I am in no way a workout fanatic. That being said, just the idea of committing myself to exercise daily is already a huge sacrifice that had prevented me from shedding the extra pounds a long time ago. It is worth stating that the main issue here isn’t over-eating but a bad habit of eating too much sugar and having, in a certain aspect, a sedentary lifestyle.

Postpartum Anxiety

Luckily my two “postpartum” were a breeze in terms of weight loss. I do not gain too much weight during pregnancies, although my babies always exceeded the desired weight and height. In both pregnancies only one week after the deliveries I went down from 140 lbs (baby weight mostly) to 119 lbs with no exercise as I was recovering from two c-sections. My biggest issue is related to anxiety that seems to stricks every time I am left alone at home with a new baby to take care of when my husband’s paternity leave ends.

Ever since I gave birth to my second child Anxiety has been a constant presence in my life which I inadvertently have been trying to smoothen with chocolate (a disaster recipe, I know.). The plan is to slim down 5 LBs out of my current 133lbs in the next 30 days by working out 30 minutes per day, drinking 104 ounces or 13 cups of water per day as recommended by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and fasting for 16 hours which means stopping food-intake at 5:30 pm and of course the conventional, eat healthily. My long-term goal is to lose 18 lbs, however, trying to achieve this with a small short-term goal of slimming down only 5 lbs initially seems more reasonable and encouraging. Taking it slow is essential to keep the plan on track.

So are you with me? Let’s connect. Are you looking for a girlfriend to support and encourage you during your weight-loss journey? I am the one (LOL). So let’s dive into this together, I would love your company.

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