Must-Have: A Non-Maternity Jumpsuit That Fits Your Belly

Utah has been blessed this year with a very warm winter, has allowed me to pull my spring clothing out early. I love the casual chic style that give us space for creativity, usually without costing too much. Winter has favored my style and I am totally loving these warm temperatures! It’s safe to say that I am more than ready for summer, which somehow always seems to not last very long. You probably can tell my cravings for warmer seasons by seeing my look for today’s post, a non-maternity jumpsuit.

Non Maternity Jumpsuit that fits a pregnant woman

I usually wear jeans during the day and when I need to dress up, my outfit for formal events or church, I throw on one of my dresses. But, I decided recently, to dare to try different shapes, textures and style when it comes to fashion. I am so excited to share this look with you today. I have been obsessing over clothing that I can wear after my pregnancy and this is one of them.

I feel like many of you can relate to this but, when you are pregnant you will rarely find yourself attractive and that’s why I think wearing the right pieces of clothing during this period of your life is so important to lift up your self esteem. Let’s be honest, everything hurts when you are carrying a big belly wherever you go, right?

Non Maternity Jumpsuit that fits a pregnant woman

Usually, we are too tired to even think about beauty and when it comes to clothing, choosing the correct type that requires just a little extended effort to achieve your fashion goals is definitely ideal. That said, not wearing a ton of clothing to protect yourself from freezing weather, that doesn’t suffocate you but, instead provides comfort, is perfect for preggos. Combine this with a light, breezy fabric, a soft and stylish jumpsuit made for non-pregnant women by JustFab but, that can fit a 31 week pregnant woman with a big belly, is no problem. Perfect, right?

It’s so comfortable, and has great quality, and I love the gold zipper detail on the black fabric! I feel like it’s “mom” appropriate but still edgy. Of course, I am always into saving some money by not wearing exclusive maternity clothing, but instead take advantage of the ones I consider “evergreen” clothes that I will be able to wear, whether I am pregnant or not.

Non Maternity Jumpsuit that fits a pregnant woman

You definitely cannot go wrong pairing this jumpsuit, with a Bohemian-like high heel shoe, as I did or even a pair of Converse low tops, for a casual look. I consider it super versatile as it’s perfect for night-outs, dates or just to have fun with your kiddos at the park. The sandals, are the definition of comfort. These suede high heels are a total showstopper and seriously will jazz up any outfit you have on. I love its lace up detail, it brought the right boho vibe to the look.

Non Maternity Jumpsuit that fits a pregnant woman
Agata Sandals – JustFab


Boho Sandal- Non Maternity Jumpsuit that fits a pregnant woman
Agata Sandals – JustFab


Also,Unfortunately JustFab is currently out of stock of this jumpsuit but, I have put together a small list with similar products from different stores so you can have more options to choose. Take a look below!


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