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Our 4th of July in the City

We started our 4th of July celebrations  early over the weekend by spending some time at the lake. Tony had four days off from work and the first two days we were too tired to go out and party. I too[...]
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An Outdoor Summer Concert

This week was absolutely fun. Thursday we went to a concert in Ogden Amphitheater, where The Shins would play. There were two downsides to this night: in the last minute we decided to take Marie with[...]
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A Swiss-Bavarian Vibe in Utah

I was very surprised to find out that here in Utah we have a Swiss/German-Bavarian influence right in Heber-Midway, south of Park City. The architecture of the buildings there will make you feel as if[...]
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Summer Unplugged

A perfect moment for me is when I get to spend time with my baby and husband. I stop anything I am doing just to share with them any fraction of time. Saturday is therefore, our weekly date day as my[...]
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Splash Pad Fun!

I love those days where it’s not too hot, not too cold, and we can pack up the stroller with some swimsuits, snacks, sunscreen and toys for the day and just head out! Today I took Marie to a Splash[...]
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