Layered Necklaces: 7 Tips For Mastering The Look

There are some fashion styles that simply do not take off the runaways even when presented by famous fashion designers – think of socks with sandals, super oversized silhouette, etc. On the other hand, there are styles that simply we won’t let go of. They easily become staples pieces in our wardrobe that we wear season after season. One of them is layered necklaces.

It’s the kind of concept that you see every day, whether on tv or while running some errands. Even though they are so popular, you still manage to avoid them fearing not knowing how to put it off in an adequate way or maybe you just do not know where to begin.

It’s natural to be apprehensive in regards to creating a tangled, twisted disaster when thinking of layered necklaces. Therefore, I have put together a step-by-step guide with 7 tips on how to master the look and pile up all the necklaces you love with confidence allowing them to be the focal point of your outfit.


I like to think of jewelry in an outfit as the last brushstroke in a piece of art. You can wear the most beautiful dress or put on the cutest outfit but if you do not add at least one piece of jewelry you will be missing something. Necklaces are my favorite and always part of my final looks. If I am going on a date or just running errands, they are essential and I am not willing to do without. But have you questioned yourself on how to layer necklaces? I had this doubt for years before learning how to create a charming look with different styles and textures.

1//Be Simple. Be Bold.

I can give you hundreds of combinations but here I will share with you only my go-to’s that I don’t live without. First, always try to follow the old adage – “less is more”. A clear look is always more appealing. Using too many big pendants all at once is too noisy if you will and can cause your necklaces to tangle. In the end, you want to add to your overall look and not create a distraction from it. That said, I want to be clear that I am in no way against playing layers with as many necklaces as you want. However, playing with your pendants in descending order will make your layered necklaces stand out harmoniously.

Layered Necklace

2//Seek for Different Styles

One of my favorite layers is the one that combines a trinket with an initial, a diamond and a coin, nothing tremendous, as I mentioned above, nothing that will drown out your other items but big enough to be noticed. You can use a coin, a dime or quarter to base the size of your pendants so you can create a harmonious look layer. Coin and lobster-claw necklaces are super trendy right now and you will not go wrong on that. Besides that, you can find them at different levels or prices.

layered necklaces

4// Combine Different Chain Lengths For the perfect Layered Necklaces Look

Always seek for achieving a cascade effect by wearing different lengths that will allow each necklace to stand out easily. That way, you can see each detail, rather than ending up with a muddle of charms and medals competing with each other. Choose necklaces in three length- short, medium and long-to get the most out of the style. If you have a few favorite necklaces that are the same length, you can always add chain extenders.

Start with a piece that falls close to your neck, and build your look from there. When layering necklaces you may find it hard to get the right space between the differing layers. If this is the case, you can always use a spacer clasp that is a lifesaver. I confess that I use this a lot as I don’t have the patience to find the right space between a necklace and the next one. If you’re still not comfortable with the idea, there are thousands of options of necklaces that come already layered and all you have to do is put them on and shine.

layered necklaces

5// Keep Your Layers Color Unified

Choose metals in similar shades to create cohesion with your layers that in my opinion not only make more sense but also looks more harmonious.

6// Combine Different Styles

Part of the fun of layered necklaces is the contrasting styles that may include pearls, gemstones, enamel, geometric shapes, coins, etc. It’s also a thumbs up rule to include texture by adding chains that are made of beads, ropes, etc. This is a great tip to follow not only because of its look but, because will reduce tangling.

7// Consider The Neckline of The Top You Will Be Wearing

Always remember to use the neckline of your top as the frame of your necklaces. You want your layers to show off and not be covered by your clothing.

layered necklace

Right below you will find some of my favorites necklaces and I hope one of them will catch your eyes so I can see how you have layered them.

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