Jumsuit Trend: Why You Need One

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I love summer and I love how creative you can be when it comes to outfits. My favorite thing during this season is the freedom. If you are planning to run errands all you need is a pair of shorts and a shirt and a some flip-flops and this means FREEDOM to me. I simply hate having to use excessive clothing, as is needed during the cold winter months.

JumpsuitSomething that I found this summer to be easier than shorts and a t-shirt are jumpsuits. I seriously think I have developed another obsession. So far I own five of them and I couldn’t be any happier with my acquisition. Despite being all one piece, jumpsuits can be very versatile, as you can create different looks with just a pair of shoes and other accessories.


This one I found at Forever 21, a store I love for being affordable and having cute and quality products. Made in a coral floral printed fabric, this jumpsuit has a charming cout-out in the back and is very wide from the waist down, which makes it very breezy and perfect for summer. It features a belt and a big v-cut on the chest that you can close with a hook and eye closures.


My favorite thing about this jumpsuit is its length. Believe or not, short skinny girls can also find clothe shopping to be very challenging, as small clothing are rarely really small and often needs some adjustments. It’s a dilemma that I face every time. I find that when the width of the clothing works, usually the length is too long and I have to adjust the hem. It happens even with the petite styles.


This jumpsuit however, is the perfect length and rests on my ankles, which makes it perfect for short girls like me and this is what I like most about it besides the color. Speaking of which, I think the vibrant coral color, really brings summer to the outfit. It’s bright, joyful and reminds me of an evening watching the sunset. The white palm tree prints provides some balance to the strong color and makes me feel like I’m on a beach in Brazil.


I paired this jumpsuit with a gorgeous Rattan shoulder bag, which has a particular significance to me. Salvador, the city where I’m from in Brazil, there is a popular tourist area, where one can buy similar products, known as Pelourinho. You can buy all sorts of handmade products from home decor to clothing and shoes. Pelourinho is surrounded by the stunning ‘Baia de Todos os Santos’ and owning a bag like that, reminds me of my home city wherever I go.


The straw and raffia bag trend has started picking up steam, which was introduced a few seasons prior. You may have spotted them on a blog you follow or in street style, but you still might feel insecure on adding them to a non-beach setting look. However, this handbag style fits in quite well in any well-rounded spring-summer wardrobe.


There are a large range of styles when it comes to straw and raffia bags such as classic basket handbags with leather details, totes decorated with pom-poms and other embellishments that’ll make you wish you were carrying yours as well. Finalizing the outfit setting, I added these amazing studs sunglasses from Steven Madden. I like the oversized style and how vintage it looks.


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