Inexpensive Drugstore Beauty Products That Actually Work


** This post reflect my honest opinion regards to the mentioned products. This is in no way sponsored, administered, endorsed, or associated to any brand product here mentioned.

We all know that beauty products are not always accessible. The best brand names are too expensive to even think of. But, fortunately there are a bunch of products out there that really work and may give the same expected results, as the ones made by big brands. I listed here five of my favorite inexpensive drugstore beauty products that actually work, which I have tested and I can assure they will surprise you.


Inexpensive Drugstore Beauty Products

  • Nivea Q10 Firming Anti Cellulite Serum.

Let’s start talking about my favorite one that probably will blow your mind. As dogs are man’s best friend, the worst enemy of women is cellulite, which acts like a ghost that haunt us as we age, no matter our body shapes or race. In order to see the effect of this product you must first determine what type of cellulite you have. Thankfully, I have the ones that experts call Soft Cellulite, which I believe is the first stage of this dilemma. I am glad to say that they are mostly not visible, unless I squeeze the skin between my hands. But, I still have some that are more apparent which really bothers me. They weren’t there when I was 18. With that said, I can’t assure that you will get the same results as I did if you have a different stage of cellulite.

Soft cellulite is mostly present in areas where there is a build up of fat, such as upper arms and legs. It tends to increase with age or weight gain, and it’s aggravated by lack of muscle tone. Generally, improved circulation and skin tone will help, as will weight loss. With due attention, you can decrease the amount of Soft Cellulite in your body by drinking lots of water, eating healthy and exercising periodically. And those areas are where I am lacking, I confess.

I am not good at working out on a daily base. As I am pregnant, I am doing my best to eat more vegetables and fruits and I am drinking more water than ever before. But, my review of this product is based on a poor active routine, basically sedentary as I’ve always been. Shame on me!

I am telling you that because I want to picture in your mind that my results of this product could be much better if I was more active. Although, even being as sedentary as I am I got a wonderful result by using this product on the back of my legs once a day. In fact, I needed just one week to start seeing those results.

You must be curious to know the name of this miraculous product, right? Simply, Nivea Q10 Firming Anti Cellulite Serum. You can buy this product at any drugstore, as well as Walmart for an insignificant cost of $13. Great deal for such amazing results! Remember thought that you need to be consistent on using this wonderful product in order to achieve the desired results.

Inexpensive Drugstore Beauty Products

  1.  Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum

Do you want big eyelashes but not willing to pay $60/month for extensions or wear those annoying fake ones? Well, here’s the solution, Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum. I must say that you will probably need 1-2 months to see the first results. It might be not very noticeable, unless you have mascara on, if you have eyelashes like mine. The down side of this product is that it creates a thin layer on your eyelashes, much similar to a spider web, that is kind of gross as if you had rheum in your eyes and just woke up. Also, the applicator is not very convenient as the brush doesn’t follow the design of a conventional mascara but, seems more like a thin paint brush. However, this product really does what it claims to do. In a couple of months you will have much longer and thicker eyelashes. I use it nightly or under my makeup and it works just fine. You can find this product at any Wal-Mart or Ulta.

Inexpensive Drugstore Beauty Products

  1.  Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Facial Scrub, Oil free Cleanser 

I was never very concerned about my skin until now that I am more into makeup. I learned that having a healthy skin will help me to conquer a more stunning look. I decided to give this product a try when my skin got so dry that it started to itch and peel. Incredibly with just one use I could see much difference. The white dry skin simply disappeared along with the itchiness.

This is a gentle scrub that really does the job. It made my skin feel clean and refreshed. It brightened my complexion with just a few weeks of use. The great thing is that It’s mild enough for everyday use and specially formulated for sensitive skin like mine. After a constant use of this creamy exfoliating scrub I can say it helped me to deep clean my pores and made my skin to feel softer and smoother.  You can find this product at any Wal-Mart for just $4.72.

Inexpensive Drugstore Beauty Products

  1.  One ‘N Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Deep Conditioning Treatment

Living in Utah doesn’t help when it comes to having healthy hair. The constant dry weather developed a heavy breakage in my hair when I first moved here. It was hard to find a product that would really work to stop this problem until I came to this brand, Brazilian Tech Keratin. I use all the products in this line, from the shampoo to the deep conditioner. It’s formulated with natural keratin, vitamins and proteins to help improve the strength of hair. It protects it against heat during thermal styling and keeps your hair smooth and shiny for days. You can find these products at Sally Beauty or Wal-Mart for $8.46 each product of the line.

Inexpensive Drugstore Beauty Products

  1.      Neutrogena® Alcohol-Free Toner-8.5 Oz

Another product that I’ve been using lately and I am loving is the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. This is a very refreshing product with a light, pleasant scent that removes dead skin and makeup pretty well. As it’s alcohol free it won’t strip your skin or give you a burning sensation. It leaves no redness or rash and it’s super affordable – just $5.99 at Target.


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