How To Wear The Biker Short Trend

When I found out that biker shorts would be a trend this summer, I thought “hmm…no, thanks!” But after a long internal debate, I decided to give it a try and to my surprise, I loved it. Why? Because I am all about comfortable clothing especially when you live in a state where the temperature during summer gets too hot. Considering such, I will give you two more reasons to love biker shorts, they are easy to wear and keep you cool. Fair enough to make you at least curious, right?

Biker short

So the question is, how do you style biker shorts without looking too sloppy? Here are some tips I use when putting together an outfit that includes this trend. First, I always try to be monochromatic, wearing black and white or neutral scheme makes your biker shorts outfit look more stylish and elaborate.

Biker short

I also prefer to go simple and add just an oversized tee or pullover. While not every blouse goes well with biker shorts, I like how cute it is paired with a bottom down shirt. If you would like to try this trend out, I have these two shorts here and here that are under $50.

As for the tops, you can include to your look this amazing tee from VLTN or you can wear this SPLURGE here that is so chic! For the pullover, I like this one that is cute and has a great length. This particular top I am wearing in this post is from Abercrombie and I think its length and style are just perfect to wear with this High Rise Biker Short from Free People. You can find a similar here. Remember to add some layered necklaces to achieve a more chic look.

Biker short

As for the shoes I could list here hundreds of styles that I think fit so well with this biker shorts trend but I will give you four options that are sure to make you fall in love. First, the inevitable and also controversial MOM SNEAKERS, I can’t think of any other shoe style that fits so well the biker short trend than this. To be honest, I am also not a big fan of those oversized types but I found these ones very wearable.

Biker short

Another style that I think will make you look even cuter are these sneakers from Michael Kors. They come in four different colors, Black, Milk, Pink, Green. Here I am wearing the REEBOK CLUB C 85, which is very comfortable and fits well the outfit. Also from Michael Kors, I have these Lace Up Shoes here that are my favorite. Last but not least, I have these Steve Madden shoes here that I own myself and I love them. They are super comfy and easy to wear.

Biker Short

Well, I hope you liked my tips and you can come back and visit me again. If you liked what you read please share it away. It would mean the world to me and only takes ten seconds to do it. Thanks!

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  1. This is a fun trend and you wear it well! I like the twist front top with the shorts, it’s a nice touch 🙂

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