How to wear a Leopard Print Sweater

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Leopard Print Sweater- A Trend That I love

I swore to myself years ago when I was just a teen trying to find my fashion style that I would never wear animal prints. Somehow back then I thought those prints were kind of corny and simply didn’t see myself wearing this timeless trend. Let’s speak the truth, what does a teen know about fashion or anything at all, am I right?

I find myself today trying and doing things that I swear I would never do when I was 18 and younger. A few years have passed and as a result here I am elegantly wearing a cute leopard print sweater and I am proud of it. I’ve never been so deeply into something that I use to dislike before and once again fashion taught me that the problem isn’t the print but how you balance it into an outfit.

This reminds me of a pair of floral shoes that my husband initially hated and I loved. Today he learned how to like them after he found out that it’s possible to create great good looks with things that might be too bold, as long you know how to pair them with neutral pieces. In fact, I get lots of compliments on my shoes every time I wear them and not only from women but from men as well.

Less Is More

The rule is simple! One, balance.Two, simply do not overload and go nuts on lots of different prints, too much texture and strong colors when pairing a leopard print. Less is more, keep this in mind. Always.

Neutral Accessories

I added here some velvet boots that only compliment the shade of the jeans. I did not want to create a competition between my shoes and the already bold leopard print. In this case is always a thumbs up rule to stick with neutral colors on the accessories and let the leopard shine away alone.

This sweater always gets me so many questions like; is it warm? Is it comfy?
Where did you get it? YES and YES and I will tell you now where you can get one of this for a stealing price, only $20. Follow the links below to learn more.

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