How To Layer Necklaces: 4 Tips For Mastering The Look

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I like to think of jewelry in an outfit as the last brushstroke in a piece of art. You can wear the most beautiful dress or put on the cutest outfit but if you do not add at least one piece of jewelry you will be missing something. Necklaces are my favorite and always part of my final looks. If I am going on a date or just running errands, they are essential and I am not willing to do without. But have you questioned yourself on how to layer necklaces? I had this doubt for years before learning how to create a charming look with different styles and textures.

Be Simple. Be Bold.

I can give you hundreds of combinations but here I will share with you only my go-to’s that I don’t live without. First, always try to follow the old adage – “less is more”. A clear look is always more appealing, therefore, I like to avoid using too many pendants which is too noisy, if you will. In the end, you want to add to your overall look and not create a distraction that nobody will ever notice in your outfit.

Seek for Different Styles.

One of my favorite layers is the one that combines a trinket with an initial, a diamond and a coin, nothing tremendous, as I mentioned above, nothing that will drown out your other items but big enough to be noticed. You can use a coin, a dime or quarter to base the size of your pendants so you can create a harmonious look layer. Coin and lobster-claw necklaces are super trendy right now and you will not go wrong on that. Besides that, you can find them at different levels or prices.

Combine Different Chain Lengths.

Always seek for achieving a cascade effect by wearing different lengths.  If you have a few favorite necklaces that are the same length, you can always add chain extenders. Start with a piece that falls close to your neck, and build your look from there. When layering necklaces you may find it hard to get the right space between the differing layers. If this is the case, you can always use a spacer clasp that is a life saver. I confess that I use this a lot as don’t have the patience to find the right space between a necklace and the next one. If you’re still not comfortable with the idea, there are thousands of options of necklaces that come already layered and all you have to do is put them on and shine.

Consider The Neckline of The Top You Will Be Wearing

Always remember to use the neckline of your top as the frame of your necklaces. You want your layers to show off and not be covered by your clothing.

Right below you will find some of my favorites and I hope you will tag me by using @marie.avenue in your IG posts if one of them catches your eyes so I can see how you have layered them. Beijos!

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