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How To keep Anxiety and Depression Under Control

Waking up every morning and repeating your daily routine and telling the kids what and what not to do, over and over can be very frustrating, not to mention that is very fatiguing physically and mainly psychology. Fortunately, I have a husband that works the night shift and assists in the morning in taking care of our kids. Without even coming to an agreement we work together by following a simple schedule. He helps me with bathing and feeding the kids while I take my necessary 30 minutes after I wake up, to extend my rest by preparing my mind for the long day ahead. You may think that I have a good husband but I have to say he is much more than that. Of course, I won’t waste your time bragging about how awesome my husband is. Instead, I will share here some tips and tricks that I’ve been following in order to keep my ANXIETY and DEPRESSION under control.

1.The Cause Of Your Anxiety and Depression

One thing that I learned by experience that is an important step to fight off these mental issues is definitely trying to find the cause. Depression has been with me since I was 12 years old and I always knew the cause very well. However, I only developed ANXIETY a couple of years ago when I found myself alone at home with a baby to take care of that consumed my days without giving me any time to relax plus the frustration of seeing my dreams and hard work not taking me anywhere. Have you ever felt like that? Yes, I know your pain and it isn’t easy!

2. The Cliches That Work

It’s hard not to give you any advice that will not sound too cliche. Some of those cliches are the main ingredients for a great recipe. But, what I will not tell you is LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT. Yes, it’s a cliche that may sound fair to say but, feeling depressed or anxious in many cases has nothing to do with being unable to see the good and the love in your life. It can be caused by an external factor or just hormonal (that’s why it is important to be checked by a professional).

anxiety and depression

3.The Right Kind of Why

Sometimes the WHY’s can help you understand more of what is causing that down feeling and it’s important to ask the right kind of WHY. Ask yourself why you feel that way as to find the cause and maybe neutralize it, not as seeing yourself as an ungrateful person because you have everything that you dreamed of and you still feel depressed.

anxiety and depression

4.Cutting the Ropes

I have struggled with low self-esteem and depression my whole life and I knew the cause, which was my difficult relationship with my mom that led me to be insecure about what I deserve in life or how I look. As cold as this may sound, sometimes you have to cut off the ropes that keep bringing you down and this includes family members. Do not be afraid to do it and do not judge yourself as a terrible daughter. You need to focus on your mental health and sometimes a break is the best thing you can do for yourself and your relationship with your family. Give yourself time to heal and take all the time you need with no regrets.

anxiety and depression


I always thought meditation wasn’t for me until I gave it a chance, a real chance. If you knew me you would know that I am a super agitated person who never slows down. Meditation is too boring, too quiet, it is not for me – at least that is what I thought. In fact, after only 5 minutes of daily meditation, I feel energized and more confident to face the struggles in life with more positive behavior.

“Why Meditation Is It Essential To Heal Depression?“

Mediation forces one to self reflect, see the beauty of being who you are, you are amazing and capable of doing anything you put your mind to. While depression is quite the opposite of meditation. Depression creates a negative self-image, it forces one to believe all of the lies that you may tell yourself and that you are not worthy, nobody loves you, nobody cares about you, you are a loser, you are fat, ugly, too skinny, too tall, too short, etc.

anxiety and depression

Consider meditation as a recalibration of reformation (as we do with computers when we update it. For example, when you upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10). As when the older unit was updated to a more efficient system you see that your computer works much better and faster and that’s what you want to do with your mind when you meditate. You can listen to my favorite Podcast here. Meditate after you put the kids in bed or in the morning before they wake up.

6. Work out

For a sedentary person, this sounds too funny to say but, I have found that working out every day helps me a lot to build up my confidence and self-esteem. I see little changes in a body that I used to hate. When you love something you take good care of it, right? You love your kids and what you do? You spend hours on Pinterest trying to find healthy recipes for their meals, you let them play out in a park because you know activities are good for them. Since I have been dedicating 25 minutes of my day to workout I feel much better physically. I have more energy to do my daily activities, I have been less sick (I used to be sick very often), even my low blood pressure that mainly made me feel too weak and too tired is under control now and I haven’t had insomnia for weeks.

7. Do What You Love

After doing these steps, find something that pleases you. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Do you like to sing, dance, cook? Is there something that you would like to be working on that for some reason you didn’t have the chance? Go for it! You got this. Be selfish, it’s all about you now. You come first.

anxiety and depression

I personally use my blog as a refuge. I have been to therapy but, never felt so good about myself before in my life. I love blogging about fashion and motherhood and it really helps me to get the confidence that I never had. As a SAHM, I found on blogging a way to keep my mind busy and away from depression. It fills my busy days with the kids with something that I like, something that I do for myself. Having another activity other than changing diapers, cleaning the house and making food is more than a necessity. Always remember, ”Mens sana in corpore sano”

8. Lastly But Not Least- Pray

I am still working on this step but I have a testimony that praying can save you from Depression. In fact, it was what healed me when I had my first episode. Below I am sharing with you my favorite scripture from the Bible and I hope you will find in these words the strength I found back years ago as a lonely young woman. Beijos!

anxiety and depression

Right below, you can find a journal template called Positive Day Planner. We plan and create lists for everything, right? Why not create a planner to help us to remember to be positive and love ourselves? On there you will find a place to add your daily goals, words of affirmation and what you are grateful for. I hope this will help you to design a mindset on how to stay positive and see the beauty of what you are.

anxiety and depression

I also hope you liked this post, quotes and journal entry sheets and find them helpful! By Watching the Marie Avenue Instagram Highlight (Blog Post) you find a video that shows how to save the downloadable versions of the mentioned files above to your phone so you can “Go green” with a paperless version.

You can download all the quotes and templates HERE.

I have also created all the quotes you seen in this post in a mobile version so they can fit your devices and be used as phone wallpaper to remind you of how amazing , loved and beautiful you are and to stay positive every day.

Down below you can find a short list of my favorite podcasts and their episodes about meditation, depression, and anxiety. Enjoy!

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