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Four Places You Can Find Spring Dresses Under $100

There’s no other season that says “dresses” louder than Spring. I like to think that it is starting to warm up enough to show off some shoulders and legs, which is not necessarily true in Utah. While I see posts of Instagramers in beautiful mid-dresses, here in Utah the weather is still confused between wanting to make us suffer a little bit more with freezing temperatures or just give us a break with a cozy resemblance of summer. I guess this is called Spring, right? In its worse definition.


It’s interesting how other bloggers are pulling out of their wardrobes beautiful floral dresses while I still sometimes have to present transitional outfits (sounds like a complaint and surely it is). Leaving Utah to a warmer state seems ideal and this is a thing that I and Tony have been talking about a lot lately. Texas, Atlanta seems quite attractive but, we haven’t made any decisions on where to adventure a new chapter of our lives yet. At this moment everything is just an idea that is slowly becoming a plan. This Brazilian girl has had enough of “below-zero-temperatures”, I guess. 

Going back to the subject of this post, which is dresses, I have curated just for you a shortlist of my favorite ones that are must-haves in the next seasons. If you are ready to start the spring mode and the weather allows for it, you can definitely find here a few dresses that you’ll certainly be able to brag about.

 They are mostly under $60 with a few ones close to $90! I absolutely love shopping for dresses. I don’t think there’s anything more feminine in the female wardrobe than that. Unfortunately, the exact same one I am wearing in this post is sold-out at Old Navy but I promise I’ll keep an eye out for restocks. I have linked up here a few other options I Iove from them too.

I fell in love with everything I curated here for you guys and I seriously had to put the breaks on my outfit selection so I didn’t overwhelm my expenses! Many of these stores I listed below offer free shipping on a certain amount so check out the qualifications and also offer AFTERPAY, which allows you to buy now and break up in installments. 

I am super excited to hear which pieces you picked up and added to your wardrobe. Happy Spring and check out the dresses I’ve curated for you below!

Dresses That Are To Die For – Spring Favorites

1// Pink Lily

One of my most recent discoveries is Pink Lily. I’ve partnered with this store couple of months ago and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of their items. On top of that, they offer AfterPay and free shipping over $99.

2// Petal And Pup

This is another happy discovery. This store offers a huge collection of dresses that are perfect to wear from Spring through Summer and has a line that is BUP-FRIENDLY. Afterpay is also offered here so you can get ready for the next season comfortably with 4 equals payments or more.

3// Red Dress Boutique

If you are looking to slay in pretty and unique dresses this Spring this is with no doubt your store. Hardly you will find a store that has such an amazing collection. I am a big fan of the Red Dress Boutique and I can’t wait to put my hands on what I’ve ordered and do a try-on for you guys.

4// Old Navy

Old Navy is always a great option for trendy and affordable clothing. I love shopping some basics with them. They offer curbside and in-store pick up plus free shipping on orders over $50.

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