Father’s Day Weekend Celebration With Friends

I wasn’t quite sure what I would do to celebrate my husband’s fatherhood until couple days ago when I came up with some ideas to fill up the whole weekend with activities on a budget. Fortunately, Summer brings to Salt Lake not only a good energy that inspires  you to live every little moment in your life with gratitude but, also lots of family friendly events.

We are a family that appreciates experience over things and that’s why I though of doing something where we could spend as much time together as possible. My husband is really that kind of man when asked :” what do you want for father’day ?”wWould come with the classic answer : ” I don’t need anything.” But, who doesn’t need fun?- “I dont need a happy moment with my loved ones” – said nobody. I create then a schedule of activities so we could enjoy this bright summer weekend.

Friday was pretty simple at some parts or a least theoretically. The first day of celebration was to welcome daddy from work with cookies and handmade cards. Well, despite all the risk of having a little monkey spreading paint all over my house, this went very smooth and I had no problems, other than having to make the cards twice as Marie’s hand print and footprint didn’t get very well on the paper.

But, the cookies…Well, I am not a cook love and to be more specific I hate to cook. When you hear anybody saying that you brain automatically thinks:” She must suck at cooking”. Well, not necessarily. I cook pretty good because once I am at the kitchen I am committed to make the best food ever.

So the plan was to make  some handmade cookies with my own recipe but, as I was short of time I bought a cookie mix at Walmart. The directions was very simple: 1 cup of oil, 2 table spoon of water and 1 egg. With Marie’s help I mixed the first two ingredients and completely erased from my mind the third one. My memory have been bad for my whole life but, it never have been so bad.

While cooking I noticed that something looked weird. The mix wasn’t getting any consistence and I though ” the first gift is screwed”. The inconsistency of my cookies was a mystery to me until the bedtime when I finally remembered the egg. Oh, the egg!

Lucky me, I had plenty of time to go back to Walmart and buy some cookies as my husband was late that day.

It was very stressful ! I had to work, clean, take care of Marie, make the surprise for my husband and if I had any time remained and some energy in my body I’d take care of myself, do my hair, nails, etc, which of course, didn’t happen. But at the end, even with the fact that things didn’t go through as planned hubby loved the surprise.

Saturday was a lot more easier.  We started our day with a Brazilian Barbecue by the pool at our friend’s house and later everybody headed off to the Dinosaur Days at the Heber Valley Railroad. I bought the tickets for $15 each adult (kids under two are free)  and we enjoyed a 35 minutes trip through Heber City with music, games, and dinosaurs dance. I don’t think I have to say that Marie loved it and she, as half Brazilian, rocked at the dancing time.



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