Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

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My husband is a man of simple habits. He doesn’t require much to live or to be happy. A quiet and organized place and a good movie on Netflix is all he needs to have a good time. That said, it’s always a challenge to think of what to give him for Father’s Day.

He appreciates experiences over material things, which of course will never prevent me to go beyond and gift him with something that is useful. This is always what I have in mind when gifting somebody like my husband who “has everything”. Always think about what that person needs. Does he work with laptops? Maybe he needs a new messenger bag. Does he have a social dress code in his work? Maybe it’s time to throw away those worn out shirts and replace them with a chic slim fit button down.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Even with all the protests against buying him gifts, I always want to put together something that is just a little gesture to show him my appreciation for everything he does for me and our family.

My husband is the person that I most admire in the world and my superhero. Fortunately, Tony is the only father I need to be concerned with finding the perfect gift for once in Brazil where my parents still live we celebrate Father’s Day in August. So, I have some time. Lucky me!

Father's Day

To make this special time of the year extra special, I have a few ideas on how to spoil Tony a little bit and I want to share them with you. I have linked some of my favorite gifts ideas for the wonderful dad that you have in life.

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