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Resort-Wear Maxi Dress

Does it feel like Summer is just around the corner, anyone? Well, here in this blessed state called Utah not so much. With cooler temperatures than average this year, I am starting to think that Summ[...]
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Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

My husband is a man of simple habits. He doesn’t require much to live or to be happy. A quiet and organized place and a good movie on Netflix is all he needs to have a good time. That said, it’s[...]
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Wedding Guest Attire Idea

Today as I promised I will talk a little bit about my look from last week at my niece’s wedding. I was absolutely late on finding the perfect dress for a spring morning wedding and literally I had[...]
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A Quick Spring Outfit Idea

Spring Outfit Idea
With the upcoming event of my daughter’s first birthday party I became too busy to even think of sitting down in front of my computer to write a post. My days have been all consumed by planning the[...]
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