Easy & Affordable Summer Outfit Idea

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For me, dressing is all about feeling comfortable and yet stylish and that’s why I love this Summer Outfit so much. Today I am sharing a look that although it’s simple it won’t make you feel sloppy. This outfit has a relaxed vibe and it’s perfect for hot days and to wear all season long.

Summer Outfit

I really love how simple Summer is. Throw on your favorite pair of shorts, a cute tee, and some accessories and you are well dressed enough to enjoy an evening in the city, a happy hour in your favorite restaurant or bar and to enjoy a walk down the shore of a lake or beach. At this time of the year, my heart starts to squeeze a little, imagining that sooner than later we’ll be dealing with the cold out here in Utah. So, my plan is to get the most out of Summer as much as I can and really live every second I have of it by creating beautiful memories along with my family.

Summer Outfit

As a mother of two, I know that going out with kids is difficult and sometimes for the sake of our children we are forced to neglect ourselves and this is when planning to wear a simple outfit that makes you feel good and care is so important. In fact, we need to feel beautiful not for our partners, not for our friends but for ourselves. 

Of course, as busy moms, we do not always have the time to think of what we will wear before this or that activity. Our minds have too much to think of – dinner, school, kids, extra school activities, laundry, cleaning the house and so on. In this long list, we usually make our needs the last priority.

If I have enough time in the day, I do my own nails and my hair and then I slap some makeup on. When we do finally have time, we don’t have the energy for anything else. I want to emphasize that outfits do not have to be complicated but simple enough to make you look and feel good.

Summer Outfit

Yes, I agree that beauty comes from the inside but have you noticed how amazing you feel when you look in the mirror and see a lady all dressed up? Makeup on, hair done combined with a cute outfit? Moments like these make you feel something from deep within your heart affirming that you are one of the hottest women that ever lived, right? Our self-esteem begs for these moments!

That’s why I am starting today, a series of posts with some simple and affordable summer outfits. Considering as such, I present to you these shorts by Abercrombie. They are one of the most comfortable cut off jeans I have worn. I love that as it is high waisted I have all the support I need for my abdomen, which carried two babies and still needs reinforcement due to a weaker abdomen caused by Diastasis Recti and besides that, this feature makes these shorts even more stylish.

The length is perfect because they don’t ride up, showing too much skin. Also, they are amazingly distressed which is a must for me as I am absolutely obsessed with these type of jeans. The faded color goes well with almost anything! The good part beyond all of these points is that you do not need to spend too much money to make it yours since It’s under only $30.

This blouse, in my opinion, is the best top for the season. It has that blush color that has been a trend for a couple of years, it also has the perfect length that will lie flawlessly on the waist, in case you are uncomfortable showing your stomach. You can style it with pretty much everything, black denim, cropped wide-leg pants or a short like I did here. As versatile as it is, you can even wear it to the pool or the beach on your summer vacation. There are so many options, that it’s impossible not to love this blouse, right?

Summer Outfit

As for my shoes, I find it quite hard to recommend any other slides that are as comfortable as these are. Although they are open-toed shoes, they will not slip off while you walk. I prefer not to wear shoes that force me to spread my toes apart in order to keep them from slipping off of my feet, which is quite uncomfortable to wear. These sliders have been trending since last year and appeared in every fashion post between bloggers and this year they are still rocking out in lots of outfits from major influencers.

Summer Outfit – Accessories

If you love to save money as much as I do, knock-off brands work sometimes and why not? You will love this bag from Amazon. A close friend of the Staud Clear Bag, this handbag has all the features to rock your outfit out with style. I can’t count how many times I heard people complimenting me on this bag while running some errands.

Summer Outfit

Even my husband that one day was holding it for me while in a doctor’s office heard that “I love your bag!” from one the girls that worked there. I guess it combined well with his outfit! Maybe he should borrow my bag from me more often. You have to forgive my dry Brazilian humor.

Summer Outfit

The sunglasses are another must-have from my obsession, also known as Nordstrom. It’s under $20 and is great quality and the aviator style goes so well with almost every wardrobe. I love that it features a kind of Leopard print color on the arch between the lens, which adds a lot of the summer vibe that I love so much, not to mention that animal prints will be a hot trend next season.

The bangles Bracelet set is also from Nordstrom and it just complements the look so well along with the four-layer necklace, that is unfortunately sold out but I found a very similar pair here. I am loving this necklace because of its beachy style featuring a shell-pendant that strands with a small pearl, which is quite charming!

In regards to the clothing items, I am sharing on this post it is important to let you know that they all fit true to size. I am a 5’3 girl that weighs 116 pounds and I am wearing a size small.

I hope this post will inspire you to create a cute, simple and yet affordable outfit so you can wear it throughout the summer and also help you find the time in your busy mom agenda to treat yourself. Usually, when we think of outfits we tend to believe that it takes too much time and money to dress with something cool. It does not have to be that way.

You can really create some amazing looks while investing little. That is why I am here to help. I will always find and share some of the most affordable and easy outfits for your reference.

Summer Outfit

I hope you LOVE this post as much I love creating it! Also, I hope you will come back and visit me again. Do not forget to add your email to the tab below so you can be the first one to know about new posts, promotions and outfit ideas. If you liked this post please, share it away. It will mean a lot.  See you soon!

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