Easter Basket Ideas For Every Age

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Easter is such a fun holiday for little kids. I mean, who can resist little faces with bunnies hats and chocolate? Last year Easter was a bit different, I and Tony hid a few eggs in our backyard and let the kids find them. However, this year we are planning something a little bit more fun. I am curating an Easter basket for each of my babies plus I have scheduled with the Police Department of the community to come and hide chocolate eggs in our front yard. As you can imagine Marie couldn’t be more excited. She’s been filling my years with the same question over and over – “ Are the officers coming today, mommy?”. 

When it comes to Easter baskets the possibilities are countless. Just putting a few gifts together can be very overwhelming considering the diversity of great options out there. That said, I have rounded up in this post a few ideas that will work for every age and I hope this can be inspirational enough for you to put together the perfect Easter Basket for your little ones.

When it comes to a baby’s first Easter, it may be confusing to think about what to give. That is why I suggest keeping with things that can be useful and worn for months to come. Books, hats, pajamas, and toys are always great ideas! This can also be the perfect opportunity to collect some summer gear such as bathing suits, towels, and beach toys.

Easter Basket Ideas For Babies

Easter Basket

1// Felted Bunny Baby Easter Bucket  2//Sun Hat  3// Sun Hat With Ears 4// Cotton Hat 5// Baby Bodysuit 6// Baby Bunny Bodysuit 7// Little Bunny Onesie 8// Two Pieces Baby Boy Clothing Set Baby 9// Baby Girl Muslin Bodysuit 10// Bunny Shoes 11// High Top Tennis Shoes 12//Leopard Swimsuit  13// Baby Girl Swimsuit 14//Pink Swimsuit  15// Baby Swim Float with Canopy 16// Baby Swimming Float  17// Baby Pacifier Holder 18//Carrot Bubble Toy 19// Baby  Carrot Toy 20// Wooden Bunny Toy 21// Snuggle Blanket 22// Pull Along Animal Toy  23 // Bunny Ring 24//Carrot teething Toy 25// Baby Touch And Feel Book  



Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Basket

1// Long Sleeve Dress 2//Little Girl Dress 3// Bunny Pink Bag 4// Leopard Sunglasses  5// Bow-Detail Leopard Shoes  6// Rain Boots  7// Sun Woven Bag 8// Yellow Bag 9// Sequin Bunnie Backpack 10// Flower Mesh Backpack 11// Straw bag 12 Sun Hat 13//  Floral Hat 14// 10 Pcs Girls Ears Hair Clips 15// 2 Pieces Set With Suspenders 16//Hooded Cardigan 17// Boys Sneakers 18// Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny 19// Mini Guitar   20// Kids Camera 21//Walkie Talk  22// Drawing Tablet 23// Easter Sidewalks Chalks 24// Easter Art Craft Decoration Kit 25// Spelling Learning Toy  26// 24 pcs Easter Sticker  27// Easter Egg Filled With Chicken 28//Plastic Mug 

Easter Basket Ideas For Young Kids 

1// Yellow Floral Dress 2 //  Floral Long Sleeve Dress  3// Tie Dye Dress  4//Girls Pajamas 5// Headband 6// Jewelry Box Gift  7// Small Shoulder Bag 8// Custom Name Beaded Bow With Pearls 9// Hair Clips Set 10// 10-Pack Socks 11// Milk Pink Girls Shoes  12//Gender Neutral Slide Sandals  13// Navy Boys Shoes 14// Boys Shirt 15 //Gender Neutral Swim Shorts 16// Swim Trunks For Boys 17// Cutout Swimwear 18// Tie Dye Swimsuit 19// Bunny Basket 20// Face Mask  21// Sleep Mask  22// Fujifilm Camera 23// Water Bottle 24// Dog Bubble Blower 25// Bricks 24-Pieces Set  26// Diy Superhero 27// Easel Accessory Set 28// Moon Stickers  29// Finding Kindness Book 30// Hydra Blaster  31/ Bunch O Balloons

Easter Basket Ideas For Teens

In regard to teens, this can be even more tricky as at this age is kind of hard to please but keeping an eye on what is trending and always including some type of electronics is a good start.

Easter Basket

1// Pajamas 2// One Piece Swimsuit 3//Bikini Set  4//  Beach Towel  5// Beach Bag 6// Nail Polish  7// Indoor Slippers 8// Slide Sandals  9// Crossband Sandals 10// Crossbody Bag// 11// Adidas Sliders 12 //  Silk Scrunchies 13// Hair Dryer 14// Straightener and Curler  15// Boys Pajamas 16// Bluetooth Beanie    17// Gaming Socks 18// Gaming Headset 19// LED Bike Lights 20// Collage Kit 21// Water Bottle 22// Portable Speaker 23// Setting Spray   24// Airpods case   25// Brush Set   26/ Pineapple Float  27// Bluetooth Headphone  28// Baseball Hat 29 // Easter T-Shirt


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