Cozy Coat – Winter Outfit Idea

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I hope you all had an amazing time with your family during this Christmas. I did. Spending time with my little ones and husband is always a blast.

It’s been a long time since my last post. I can’t even say how long but, now I am back and I will try to write more often. You know, having two kids only increases my workload. Anyways, here I am and I want to talk about my “not so loved” season, winter.

Winter Outfit Idea

It’s that time of the year that you get to dress with layers and layers of clothing to wear, with no guaranteed success to keep warm. Just kidding, I am being a little bitter I know, but there is not much you can do, and this is coming from a Brazilian girl living in the “Greatest Snow on Earth” state, right?

Winter Outfit Idea

Luckily, I found this super warm coat at Kohls that is protecting me from the freezing temperatures that to me feels like the Arctic, but rather I’m in Utah. Honestly, in regards to this coat when I state that it’s warm, take my word for it, considering that I’m not accustomed to the “cold outside” (“baby it’s cold outside”), even after living here for nine years I’ll never adapt, my blood wasn’t made for these temperatures. I have high requirements for a warm coat, as I am always complaining about the cold.

Winter Outfit Idea

Sometimes I somehow manage to trick myself into believing that it’s warmer than it really is, and I question “is it really this warm or is it just because I am wearing the best winter coat ever?”

A Black Friday Deal- Winter Outfit Idea

It’s a shame to say that I got this coat during Black Friday, and you might think to yourself “okay, Lana why would you tell me about a Black Friday Promotion when it’s clearly passed Christmas?” – Life can get busy, my friend. In fact, they are on sale right now online and in stores. So hurry up and make it yours.

Winter Outfit Idea

Talking a bit about the whole look, I am here wearing these gorgeous Michael Kors Pumps from Michael Kors and this super cute High Rise Skinny Jeans from H&M. To complete the look I added a crop sweater also from Kohls and a beanie from Bebe.

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