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    15 Best Faux Plants, Topiaries, Flowers and Vessels from Target


    I am not a big fan of winter, as well of spring as I consider it cold. However, I learned how to appreciate the flowers blooming, bringing some spectacular colors and textures to our sight. Although I can’t complain about winter this year, as Utah has been gifted with warm temperatures and sunny days, I am excited  to say officially goodbye to it.To be honest, I don’t trust Utah weather (after living here for 8 years I know that temperatures can change within a matter of hours). As summer is still far away, I don’t have many options other than faking it within my house by filling it with some of the most beautiful artificial flowers we can find at Target.

    For that, I have created a list of artificial plants, topiaries, flowers, baskets and vessels that I love and will satisfy your craves for farmhouse decor. I confess that I am so confused on which one I like better that I couldn’t make a decision on which of these decorations will be part of my family very soon as they are all gorgeous. I hope things can be easier for you and and you can make a choice faster than me. Mostly, I hope this will help you to beat the gray skies and the boring white of the snow in your state.

    On the list you will see the items I liked the most. If you are like me, one that is able to kill even a cactus because you keep forgetting to water it, you’ll probably do better with artificial plants and flowers. I’ve listed here some of the most realistic ones along with vessels and baskets. I hope you’ll love it as much I did.

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