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    How to Make keto Cream Cheese Crepes

    Easy to make, fast and delicious, the cream cheese crepes are for sure my favorite dish of the Keto Diet. My husband and I, tried the low carb diet for a little but, after some time, we completely lost track. As any other diet, the Keto diet is not easy or pleasurable to do. You have to be strong enough to give up on bread, cookies and noodles if you are going for the Keto, which is by the way, the hardest of the three low carb diets options.

    We decided to stick with the version of 20 g/day of carbs. Can you imagine that? It was torture, since most that you are only allowed to eat are eggs or egg based products. Maybe I just really don’t like eggs, but after two weeks we were like ” No more salad and eggs please”. The good thing is that you can eat as much sausage as you want. However, it is not easy.

    I love fruits of every type (with the exception of grapefruit). I grew up in a country full of a variety of fruits, where you won’t see here in the states. So, yes I suffered much when I found out that  my options of fruit were limited, if I wanted to keep up with my goal of 20g carbs per day.

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