DIY – Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and nothing inspires me more than all those scents that invade the stores with the sweet smell of cinnamon. That fragrance brings me into a state of euphoria preparing my heart to all the celebrations during this magic time. It fills my body with feelings that only these End of Year Holidays can bring. Although, Thanksgiving is not something that we actually celebrate in Brazil, here in US I learned how to love it. This excitement flows my mind with ideas that led me to start my hunt for items to decorate my dining table.

DIY - Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

For that I want something happy, clear and traditional so I could create an inviting environment for everyone. First thing of course, was to decide on the color palette. Although, I had in mind something traditional I wanted to exclude the obvious colors of this time of the year; oranges, greens and reds and I kept in my plan the pastels tones, such as beige and white with a dose of gold that are sure to impress your guests. The main idea is to start this thematic decoration from the centerpiece and then add the other details such as candle holders, plates and silverware,etc. For that I got some beautiful flowers in promotion at Michaels for just $1.99.

DIY - Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

In my humble opinion it is simply impossible not to love this store. They have gorgeous products, great prices and they’re always running amazing promotions, in addition to that, the store organization is very intuitive and easy to find any item. Speaking of costs, of course any project of mine has to be on budget, following a simple rule: it has to be gorgeous, inexpensive and yet elegant.

DIY - Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

But let’s start talk of how easy is this DIY and I’d say is more a post for inspiration than actually a “How To”. Let’s say you just need a little sense of placement, if you will. How every item goes on the table it’s important to create harmony and make everything look beautiful.

DIY - Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

For this project I thought of using some vintage plates I got from a thrift store two years ago for my baby’s first birthday party but, along with the gold ones I bought at Michael’s for $0.59. Great deal, right? The napkins rings also come from a thrift store, and the white napkins, glasses and silverware are from Walmart as the table cloth.

DIY - Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

Now let’s talk of how to build the arrangement. I use a styrofoam block to hold the flowers in place. Start by building the sides with leaves and flowers and then fill in the center. It’s important to have a balance of the items, adding them equally to cover any remained gaps. Place the bigger pumpkin in the middle and the smallest ones on the sides and done. Simple as that.

DIY - Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Table Decor

The next step is all about how to set up a dining table and in order to help you guys out with that I’ve uploaded below a simple image from Today’s Creative Life with instructions.

How to set your formal and informal table |Here's a simple guide for showing you how to set your table for any holiday. See more on


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