Best Places to see In Idaho – Lava Hot Spring, Idaho

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We had a pretty fun vacation to Idaho and this post it’s just a part of a serie where I will share with you the best places to see in Idaho if you are planning a getaway with your family any time soon.

Well, nothing fills out a mother’s heart more than when we see our kids having a good time.  The day was bright with a gorgeous blue sky and Marie was very excited about spending some time in a warm swimming pool. Because the water there can be too hot for the little ones we had only one pool where our baby could get in without the risk of burning out her delicated skin.

While in the pool, we had to keep a water bottom near by as advised and make sure that us and baby Marie were being hydrated all the time. It’s , also, advised that you dont stay in it for very long but, take some time out of the pool, walk around and then come back as the natural water temperature there is between 1020 to 112º.

The greatest thing is that if you go during  weekdays you are allowed to leave and come back whenever you want as long you do it in the same day of the admission purchase.

So, we went in the morning and stayed until around 1 pm. As it was almost time for Marie’s nap, we decided to leave the hot springs to go to Cafe Rio and then we went back to the hotel.

Another great thing about Lava Hot Springs is that the pools are open year round from 8am-11pm.

We came back to the pool around 7:30pm and stayed until 10. Actually, was the best decision as the day temperature was too” hot for a hot mineral water”. The night was cooler and the pools were more enjoyable. I felt that everybody knew that but, us as in the morning we had just a few people at the complex and in the night many more to share the springs with.


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