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Best health and wellness products Vol. 1

It’s that time of year when you need to take a look at your health goals and start to plan ahead for 2020. You may feel frustrated as you see that many items on your list weren’t finished. I know how you feel, I am right there with you. I had planned on exercising more often, improve my typing skills and here I am thinking of my resolutions for the next year and including these topics again to my list.

At the begging of each year, I start to focus on what I will do and then get distracted by other items, thus never accomplishing the goals I had set out to do. Kids to take care of, a house to clean, food to make, homework, blog, etc. I bet you can relate to at least one or two of these different items, can’t you? There are so many distractions that we don’t have much time to do some research on new products that can facilitate our lives and help us to accomplish our goals of being healthier and physically fit.


While it looks hard, there’s no denying that we can all throw a little dose of health and wellness into our day-to-day lives and that’s why I created a shortlist with some great products that can benefit you and me both and anybody out there that needs a little bit more of an incentive. 

Let me start by saying that my list is quite comprehensive and it starts with beauty and health products to workout gear and then takes us from yoga mats to drinks, sleep, and vitamin supplements. Many of these products you will need to be patient, as typically results aren’t apparent until 3 months later, so be patient.

As we have tons of health and wellness products in the market today and tons of others being launched every day, I tried my best to narrow down what would be a never-ending list to only 25 best health and wellness products that can easily be on your list for your next year.


Now more than ever, fitness does not have to be a hard thing to do that requires lots of space, equipment or take a lot of your time. You can easily work out from the comfort of your home on a schedule that fits your needs and availability and avoids all the “CONS” of gyms such as crowded spaces, memberships, sanitary concerns, etc. But let’s stop talking and just go over to the list, shall we?


1) Samsung Health App // Maybe one of the reasons that keep you from starting your fitness journey is a question that I have asked myself so many times – “How will I keep track of workouts, calorie intake, etc.?” Worry no more! If you own a Samsung Smartphone, you can easily download the Samsung Health App but chances are that you already have this app on your phone and didn’t even notice. In case you don’t, just log on to the Samsung App Store from your phone or Google Play and download it, the good part is that you don’t have to pay a dime. Yes! It’s free.

I could list here hundreds of reasons why I love this app so much but, I will just mention a few of them. It records how many hours of sleep you get, steps you walked during the day and sets a personal daily activity goal in accordance with your gender, age, height, and weight. It tracks your calorie intake, measures your stress level, heartbeat and oxygen level by just analyzing your fingertips. You can also set goals for water intake and you can even find through this app some great short workout videos that you can do at home or at the office during your lunch break. I love the “A Simple Lower Body Lunch Break Workout” video. It’s amazing!

You can also try these other apps that have great reviews: Easy Health Track, Fitness Tracker & Sleep Tracker. As I haven’t used these two apps, I can’t testify to their function. So in no way, am I endorsing them but, I think it worth a try.

2) Deep Relax Oil // If you suffer from anxiety like me, you will need to have on hand a relaxation oil. I have this from AromaTherapy and I could not be any happier with how helpful this product is. I can’t tell how many times this oil has saved my life when suddenly anxiety struck.

3) Hair, Skin and Nails Supplement // This is something that I’ve been trying for little over a month and I am already obsessed with it. With such a short trial period, I can see already a great difference in my skin. It looks much smoother and my complex is much brighter, even fine lines and pores have been sensitively reduced. Since my baby was born last year my hair has been struggling with breakage and after using this supplement, I’ve been seeing some slight improvement.

4) Jimmy Bars // I got a 24 pack box with flavors that go from WAKE IT UP protein bar to BEAUTY AND WAKE AND FOCUS cookies n’ cream bar. They are a low calorie, low sugar and gluten-free. These bars have less than 100 calories, between 1-3G of sugar which is awesome so we can indulge in guilt-free snacking!


5) Samsung Earbuds // One of my favorite accessories this year is with no doubt the Samsung Airpods. I was skeptical about owning one of these but with the launch of the Samsung S10+, I finally gave them a try by taking advantage of the pre-launch promotion. Play your music or your favorite podcast during workouts with no concerns because these earbuds really stay in. Best decision ever!

6) Fiber Therapy // for less than $6 you can get an amazing fiber supplement that will promote digestive health and help with your diet by making you feel less hungry in between meals.

7) Yoga Mat // I have had this yoga mat for so long! It can be easily clean with soap and water. It comes with a carrying strap to facilitate your life.

8) Water Bottle // This is a 1 liter or 32 oz water bottle. It comes with a time mark so you can drink a precise amount of water throughout the day, which helps you to keep track of your intake. As recommended by health experts we must follow the 8X8 rule which equals about 2 liters.


If you are like me, I’m not a big fan of water, you’d probably do better with a bottle like this. What I do is drink first thing in the morning, (while I’m still fasting) my first litter of water or 32oz. If I follow the 8×8 rule I will certainly miscount and lose focus. I have been doing this for about two weeks and I can’t tell you all the good this has been making to my body, not only to my skin but also and mainly to my digestive system.


9) High Rise Legging  // this is my new obsession when it comes to activewear. These leggings fit true to size and it’s super soft on the skin. You can wear them to work out or with heels and you will look amazing either way.

10)  Sports Bra // think of the best workout support bra that you could ever have. This is the one! I can’t think of anything more appropriate for moms who are breastfeeding as the milk supply makes your breasts so sore and almost impossible to exercise without pain. This is definitely a must-have for any girl, whether you are breastfeeding or just want to avoid the ‘effect’ of gravity while working out.

11) Running shoes // No surprise these shoes are so comfortable. The material is very soft and it stretches and moves with your level of activity.

12) Weight Set // I got this weight set some time ago for my husband

13 ) Skin Brush // This is by far my favorite item from this list. It’s perfect for any woman who is in the postpartum period that is exercising and looking to lose the baby weight and for those who went through a diet and want to get rid of some loose skin by using the dry brushing technique. I have been using this technique for over a month and I’ve noticed quite an impressive improvement on my stomach skin.

14) Deodorant // for sensitive skin like mine this is a must-have. It nourishes and hydrates your armpits while providing odor protection and drawing out toxins. 

15) Samsung Galaxy Buds Case // a super useful case that contains a pocket not only for your earbuds but also for your charge cable. It’s water-resistant and comes with a clip-on to prevent you from losing it, which is ideal for vacation or to take your earbuds safely to the gym.

16)  Biker Shorts – out of all the biker shorts I have I can say this much, this is the most comfortable pair. It looks perfect when paired with pullovers or oversized tees. It has a double-layer waistband that helps flatten the tummy, a must-have for mommies in postpartum!.

17) Collagen Skin Firming Supplement // I used this supplement for about 6 months and I really saw some improvement on my skin after time. This is definitely something that you need to commit to and be patient to see results.

18) Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo // When working out there’s no other dry shampoo that I trust to do the job of keeping my hair clean than Living Proof. It really absorbs oil and sweat so well while neutralizing odors.

19) Wireless Bra // No jokes, this is definitely the most comfortable bra I’ve ever used. Fits like a glove. Love that is 100% wireless and still provides great support.

21) Sleep Melatonin Gummy // When things get tough and insomnia strikes due to anxiety this is what I keep coming back to.

22) Mushroom Hot Cocoa Mix // This tea I discovered a couple of months ago during an anxiety crisis and it became my go-to when I need to unwind from a long day.

23) Homeopathic Calm Medicine //  for those who suffer from anxiety and like me prefer to address the issue in a more natural way rather than using prescribed medication this is certainly something you should try. It always helps me when having a panic attack.

24) The Mother Load Supplement  // while pregnancy is a magical moment to any woman’s life, having a baby can be an exhausting experience. This supplement can be taken before conception and while pregnant as well by postnatal mommas as it gives you all the nutrients your body needs to endure a pre and postpartum period.

25)  Hair Ring // Maybe this does not adhere to the Health and wellness products so much but, I had to tell you about this simple item that is a game-changer to create beautiful updos, especially those “hard-to-look-great” messy buns.

25) Barbell // The great thing about this item is that the handle is thicker gripped and a bit wider so you can do your swings and squats with no issue. However, the grip can get a bit slippery when you become sweaty, so I advise you to use a pair of workout gloves

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