Baby Registry Must-Haves Checklist

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Aside from cute clothing and nursery decor, there are many other things that should be in your baby registry must-haves list. If you are expecting your first baby, you are probably feeling lost on what’s essential to have for when your newborn arrives. So I have partnered with Walmart to bring to you in this post a great list with the best of baby products that you can get by creating a simple and easy baby registry with them. I will be sharing my experiences on products that I tried and recommend to any new mom in order to have a smooth transition from being a mom-to-be to a mother of a newborn. 

All of these products were in my Baby Registry Must-Haves List with Walmart and I can’t recommend a better place when it comes to this subject. Whether you are trying to save money or not, since your baby is on the way, Walmart has the best items for the best price. With the end game in mind, sticking to the items listed here, it will help you to prioritize your bills, especially with a newborn. 

Creating A Baby Registry Must-Haves List

Let me start by talking about an item that you certainly will not need until your baby is four months old and ready to try solid foods but still I am very excited to recommend this product because it really works. I wanted to start this post by talking about a product that can be used for either formula-fed or breastfed babies. I love this product so much that I couldn’t leave it for the end.

Best Feeder For Babies Trying Solid Foods

Feeder // This product is called NUBY SILICONE SQUEEZE FEEDER. It’s one of the most amazing and yet cheap items that you can get for under $5 and let me tell you, you must add it to your baby registry must-haves. Why? First, you can feed your baby on-the-go. For example, I remember one day, while attempting to buy groceries while feeding my child and push the grocery cart at the same time, wouldn’t have been feasible if it weren’t for this product. Second, it’s really easy to use and it prevents common messes when trying to feed young babies. Awesome, right?

Travel Stroller // If you like to go out on vacation and believe me you will need some time off from your routine after having a baby, this stroller is far one of the greatest things you can list in your baby registry. It folds easily and is compact enough to fit most of the small spaces.

Crib // This crib has two features that I love the most. One, It is gender neutral so you can pass it on to siblings. Two, it comes with a conversion kit that easily allows you to convert it from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a daybed as your child grows.

Rinser // As your child grows you may see that giving them a bath is getting harder. Your kid no longer fits in a baby bathtub and hardly stays still. Nothing is better in these moments than having the perfect tool to keep your child entertained with the rinser fish design while you do the job. This rinser is super useful once you can control the water flow while pouring. 

Shampoo & Wash // Another Item that I used with Marie and I still do, is the Burt’s Bee Baby Shampoo & Wash. I love this brand as it’s naturally made and perfect for the sensitive skin of a newborn.

High Chair With Magnetic Tray // I can’t express with words how much help this high chair is. I love that you do not need to use your hands to put the tray in place, the magnets guide the tray into the right position like magic.

Matress Sheet // Another thing that you can not forget to add to your baby registry list is lots of sheets. You will need a lot of them due to the inevitable “night explosions” (if you are not yet familiar with this term you will find out soon when your baby exceeds the limit of the diaper).

Glider // As for the glider my go-to is Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner. It’s elegant, fits any nursery design and you can choose from four different color options.

SleepSack // I got a bunch of these sacks from my baby registry and I can’t thank Walmart enough for this. These sacks are a lifesaver when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night because they are cold. It keeps your baby warm without overheating them.

A Baby Registry Must-Haves List that Covers Everything

Sound Machine // I always loved to put my babies to sleep by listening to the sounds of birds and water, etc. You can customize the color scheme and brightness and even control it from your phone. It’s a must-have for sure!

Saline Kit // There is no parent that dreams of the day that their kid will get their first cold but once they do, we need to be prepared. I consider this saline kit one of the most important items to be included in any baby registry list.

Thermometer // I love this thermometer so much! It made my life so much easier, with a gentle stroke of the forehead is enough to give you an accurate measurement of your baby’s temperature. It’s gentle enough to be used on a sleeping baby.

I am going to give you here, three options for a changing pad. All of them have great prices that can fit different budgets.
 the owlet calms

Smart Changing Pad & Scale //I love this one because it tracks your baby’s weight between doctor visits and even measures how much your baby is drinking at every feeding. It’s under $150 and I think it’s a great investment to assure you that your baby is growing properly. 

Wipe Clean Changing Pad // This changing pad is super easy to clean as you can just use wipes. If your baby is “normal” and doesn’t stay put while attempting to change its diaper than you may need some distraction in order to do the job and the toy bar that comes with this pad is super useful! It’s under $75.

Contoured Change Pad // If you are looking for something even cheaper, you might like to check this out. This is the changing pad I used with my first baby and I super recommend.

Change pad Cover//  You might like a cute changing pad cover to use with the item above so check this one here and here.

Portable Changing Kit // This is another super useful item that cannot be missed in your baby’s registry. When you leave the house with a newborn, you certainly want to assure that they lay on top of a clean surface, while you’re changing them. This portable changing pad comes with pockets for you to carry everything you need to change a diaper.

Baby Bottle Starter Set // Sometimes we just struggle to produce enough milk and having the perfect bottle to create a smooth transition is so important! I was unable to produce enough milk for my first baby and these bottles were my lifesavers during that time. It comes with pacifiers and a smart warming bowl.

I hope you find this post useful and you can check out the items listed here that are available at Walmart. Also, check my previous post about BABY REGISTRY ITEMS THAT YOU SHOULD ADD TO YOUR LIST here.

Today’s post is sponsored by WALMART! As always, all opinions are my own!

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