An Outdoor Summer Concert

This week was absolutely fun. Thursday we went to a concert in Ogden Amphitheater, where The Shins would play. There were two downsides to this night: in the last minute we decided to take Marie with us changing the plans of leaving her with my husband’s sister in law. Big mistake!

Marie, as a natural explorer didn’t stay still. She always wants to see the world and say “hi” to everybody passing by. The moment she finished eating all of the snacks that I brought to the show were gone, she started to “remember” that she was tired and needed to sleep. We managed to distract her a little, so we could watch the opening band play.

The second downside was the fact that every band thinks it’s okay to make their fans to wait for them to start playing. The concert was scheduled to start at 5pm, but didn’t make an appearance until 7:30pm. The Shins came out around 8pm and by  that time we were all too tired to stay until the end and so we left early.

It may appear that our day sucked but, we really had lots of fun. Before going to the  Amphitheater, we decided to find a place to eat. The short walk through cute downtown of Ogden, took us to an amazing discovery.

Everybody knows that I am very skeptical of eating in restaurants that I’m not familiar with, however this one was a very great surprise. It’ s called Warren’s Craft Burger. I am not a big fan of going out to eat hamburgers in a restaurant but, I confess it was good, very good! I got the Mello Portobello and it was so yummy! Being Brazilian, I am very picky when it comes to food, especially in regards to seasoning which is an essential part of the cooking process to create tasteful dishes. This particular hamburger had all of this, tasteful, very well seasoned and well priced.

The place has a cute outdoor space in the back and it’s very charming inside. The street where this restaurant is located consists of old buildings turned into business and in many parts you may have the feeling that you are actually in a mix of Salt Lake Downtown with Sugarhouse.

Resuming our day, we had some happy moments at the concert. Marie got to show some of her cool dance moves and received lots of laughs from us. It always fills our hearts with happiness seeing her silly personality coming out more and more. Its no secret that our plans of watching the concert definitely got a little off as Marie became tired, an unrealistic idea that a 22 month old baby would have the attention span to enjoy a concert. We always have fun together as a family, no matter what we do, wherever we are. Fortunately, Saturday we had an amazing hiking experience at the Bridal Veils Falls that you can read here.

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