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An Effortless Jumpsuit for Spring-Summer Seasons

Now that Spring is officially here, pulling out of your closet lighter clothing or shopping for some basic styles is a mandatory. One of my favorite pieces for this time of the year when it’s warm enough to take a few layers off and at the same time you need to stay cozy for the unstable weather conditions is a jumpsuit.

There is a substantial availability of beautiful and essential styles whose arrangements are tailored to meet individual requirements. The effortless designs of jumpsuits work as a staple choice for those days when you want to feel comfortable while easily jumping in your favorite piece of clothing and still be on-trend.

Jumpsuits offer a tasteful practicality that played well once again this weekend when I wanted to take my kids to an Easter event but didn’t have the energy to invest in putting together a whole outfit for the occasion. This beige jumpsuit is a perfect transition item for between seasons and has enough careless elegance that it feels comfortable and stylish to be worn around the town on date nights or just to run a few errands with comfort.


The waist tie really sets it apart from other styles as it creates a flattering and playful design that is timeless and a good investment to have available in your wardrobe. That detail adds an extra feminine element making this jumpsuit so easy to dress up with a pair of heels, sandals, or sneakers.

My favorite pairing to fulfill this ensemble has to be a denim jacket or this faux leather option that I had to leave back in the car as Utah woke up that day to a really warm afternoon, which I also were at night when the temperature started to drop off to its normal level for this time of the year in the beehive state. Another thing that completes this style is a good pair of sneakers.  They are women’s best friends especially when she is a mom of toddlers. I am all about practicality and by that I mean that an item can be dressed up or down and worn in different seasons and this jumpsuit can definitely fulfill both.


It’s also worth mentioning this backpack from Rebecca Minkoff that is so spacious and has endlessly-versatility while being super practical without losing elegance. My selection of spring necessities wouldn’t be complete without this gorgeous bag. It fits – with no issues, lots of items that can include a full bag of wipes and more than a couple of diapers if you have little kids. The next time you think of a staple accessory, you definitely should include Rebecca Minkoff items.

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