A Swiss-Bavarian Vibe in Utah

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I was very surprised to find out that here in Utah we have a Swiss/German-Bavarian influence right in Heber-Midway, south of Park City. The architecture of the buildings there will make you feel as if you were in the middle of the Oktoberfest and you are about to spot someone walking down the street dressed up with those traditional Bavarian Tracht. I guess, if you really wanna see that you will have to wait until the Midway Swiss Days Festival, on Sep 1-2, 2017.

All the buildings are impressive and cute as doll’s houses and you won’t be disappointed if you want to take beautiful pictures with your family..

Well, our first stop was at the Zermatt resort and you can find some great room’s deals right here on Expedia.The hotel is super cute and it has a giant chess game at the little plaza in front of its entrance. Marie, of course, had a blast playing with the pieces that were not much smaller than her. At the same location you can find an interesting post that carries several arrows signs pointing the direction of different countries and their distance to Heber-Midway.

Right across the street you have the Homestead Resort, location of the Crater that carries a classic architecture from the 1800’s, I believe. This is for sure, a spectacular space to spend some time at. I don’t drink alcohol but, I bet you can find at Heber-Midway some souvenirs (gift) stores where you can buy those huge mugs decorated with traditional Bavarian art. After our adventure at the Crater we went to eat at the Cafe Galleria and I love it. My sister tried the pizza portuguesa and it’s almost as delicious as Brazilian Pizza. I got the Fettuccine Alfredo and I wasn’t disappointed. In my humble opinion this dish tastes as good as the in famous Olive Garden or even better.


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