7 Tips tips to sleep better

7 Tips To Sleep Better and Get the Most Out of Your Nights


I used to suffer every night to fall asleep. I had to follow a ritual in order to do so, but even with that I’d take 2 hours to fall asleep. Can you believe that? Some things, however, have helped me a lot. First thing is to take a hot cup of CHAMOMILE TEA every night before bed. This not only helps you with insomnia but also, cleans your skin. Seriously you can see the difference in your skin after a couple of months drinking it daily at bedtime. Here on this post I will share with you some tips to sleep better that use every night and of course I will talk a little bit more about the properties and benefits of Chamomile Tea.

7 Tips To Sleep BetterChamomile Tea is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich product that will brighten your skin. If you have Eczema, this is a great natural medicine. My 2 year old baby drinks it and this was my secret to put her on a sleep schedule (one nap during the day, which used to be two when she as younger and 10-12 hours sleep throughout the night). Now she sleeps at the very same time every night without having to drink anything. Amazing, right? But, one of the most amazing things about this tea is its benefits that you will love; It can also lessen the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles on the face. It boosts your immune system, helps with menstrual cramps, lightens skin and dark circle on your eyes. It’s even safe for pregnant women like me as long you drink the caffeine-free version.

Let’s focus a little deeper on tea properties when it comes to insomnia. The herbal tea contains Apigenin that helps Benzodiazepine receptors in your brain to reduce the inability to sleep. It’s also known to contribute to relax blood vessels and smooth muscle fibers, which makes it a mild antispasmodic and sleep-inducer. An even more encouraging fact about this amazing tea comes from a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in 2012 that reveals that 57% of the people to whom was given 220mg of Chamomile extract had a significant reduction of symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

I cannot go continue talking about this herbal medicine without sharing my experience that may interest other women out there. Chamomile tea is simply an amazing weapon to help your skin to look better. I testify that after a couple of months I could see some significant changes on the texture and wrinkles in my face. However, I am not good at drinking tea and I hate them all, which made me stop drinking it regularly. If you are like me, it may help to mix it with any other drink of your preference. I used to mix it with any juice I had at home before bedtime. I must say that the effects of Chamomile tea in your skin won’t appear overnight but, it requires a consistent routine of drinking it for 2-3 months for the first results to appear.

7 Tips To sleep better and get the most out your nights

Now let me share my second secret to sleep better, READ. I do not actually read many printed books very often, however I have a few of them on my Google Books application. Reading is not something that comes to me naturally, which makes me very picky on finding a book that will catch my interest.

7 Tips To sleep better and get the most out your nights

Some people would say to get rid of mobile devices during bed time and I’d say this is a good advice to follow. I however use my phone to read every night but, not before having scheduled a DO NOT DISTURB MODE on it that prevents calls from people out of my favorite’s list, email and social media notification. A subject that is very appealing to me lately is anything related to the blogging world. As a new blogger, I do my research every night before sleeping. Think about it? A hot cup of tea (or cold if you are more like me), a good reading and done. You will wake the next day feeling like a new person.

7 Tips To sleep better and get the most out your nights

The fourth thing that helps me to sleep better is having a clean bed, which is hard to do when you have a full energetic toddler that keeps thinking of your bed as a Playground. But, have you noticed when you lay down on new sheets on your bed the sensation of relaxation is immediate? So bedding is an important thing in your sleep routine. I have very sensitive skin that gets itchy super easily when in contact with rough surfaces. So I always make sure that the sheet I am using is soft enough and won’t bother me during the night.

My fifth tip is to invest in a good mattress. My husband and I are so picky on this matter that we have been delaying a decision on buying a new mattress for a couple of months already. We have been in several stores, tried several mattresses and none of them seems to be the right one for us. Buying a mattress is very tricky as it is difficult to determine this from just a quick test at the store. It would be necessary to test it for several months. What to do, then? Well, you have to trust in your first impression and what’s more pleasurable to you.

I really like a cold bed instead of the ones that get hot with your body temperature. So, if you are like me  a mattress that has a cooling system is the best option for you. I also like beds that are not too soft, not too hard and mostly important is to make sure that the mattress you’re buying doesn’t sink after months of use. This is actually the problem with our current mattress. We have literally a concave on each side of it and a big mountain in the middle. You can’t see it with your eyes but, you can feel it once you lay down.

7 Tips to Sleep BetterAnother important tip that I can’t forget to mention is the right pillow. Invest your money in the right one. I got mine from Kohls last year during the Black Friday that is just perfect for me. It’s called The Big One. As my second vertebrae in my neck is dislocated, I need a pillow that supports it along with my head. Because of that, I bought the Arctic model that has the perfect design to accommodate my neck curvature.

Sixth thing to be concerned about when it comes to the subject sleeping in is window covers. Do your curtain or blinds blocks the sunlight? Nobody likes to be awaken by the first sunshine in the early morning and spend the rest of the day feeling as if you didn’t get enough sleep. We tried a few sunblock curtains but no material we found really did the job even the ones designed for it. We bought then a fabric that despite being white it’s really good at blocking light for being thick and we sewed our curtain ourselves.

Lastly, if you are a parent it’s important to create a sleep schedule for your children. A super tired mom or father with a jumping little monkey on your bed doesn’t help. Get your kid to sleep in a sacred restrict routine so you can have some extra time to relax in your bedroom before falling asleep. Stress is an enemy of sleeping in.

Do you have any tip that helps you to sleep better? Please share it  with me!

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