7 Tips to Create a Sleeping Schedule for Babies

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Before even thinking of transitioning Marie to sleep in her bedroom I started giving her a little bit of Chamomile tea every night with the authorization of her doctor. I remember the first time I did it and how my husband reacted to this in the next day. He asked me what did I do to make her to sleep better with longer intervals between nursing. “Whatever you did keep doing it”- he said. Later I explained that what I did was no miracle but, a simple tea that helps anybody to relax and fall asleep faster, better and longer. You may think that I am a little obsessed with Chamomile tea as I have two other posts that mention this amazing herbal remedy, in fact this tea is the starting point that helped me to create a sleeping schedule for my baby.

7 Tips To Create A Sleeping Schedule for Babies

In these two posts, Why Giving Chamomile Tea to your Baby Can be a Great Idea and 7 Tips to Sleep Better For Tired Moms, I explain the properties in this tea that can benefit you and your baby in many ways not only to sleep better but other benefits as well. You may be surprised what this herbal can do for you and your family. Take time to read them.

7 Tips To Create A Sleeping Schedule for Babies

I started to create a sleep routine for my daughter when she was 4 months old. She was still sleeping in my bedroom as I mentioned before when I was advised by her pediatrician to move her to her own room as soon as possible. Of course, I had some concerns about it and I resisted a little. All these questions came to my mind: “But what about if she stops breathing  and I am not there to help?” or “What if she needs burping, and can’t breathe properly?”. I think every mother has these type of questions in their minds when it comes to placing their babies in another room. My husband however was supporting the idea of having our privacy and sleep back and tried help me to understand that would be better for everyone, including Marie.

7 Tips To Create A Sleeping Schedule for Babies

The first week was hard. I didn’t sleep well, being worried about her. She cried a lot and I had to go to her room every 3-4 hours to feed her. By that time my milk supply was starting to diminish, after the Myomectomy Surgery. I was tired mentally and physically but, I knew I had to be very consistent in creating a routine for Marie in order to make her know that once she’s in the crib she wouldn’t come out until the next day, other than to eat.

7 Tips To Create A Sleeping Schedule for Babies

THE CHAMOMILE TEA METHOD to create a sleeping schedule for your baby

Marie has an amazing pediatrician that instructed me to try the “Cry It Out Method “ and go to check on her every 3-5 minutes. This was the hardest part, not only because a crying baby can drive you crazy but, also because for us mothers the sound of our babies crying hurts our souls, deeply. I had to be strong and design a schedule of sleeping for her and that’s what I did. I am going to share with you the method that I used to create a sleep routine for my baby that may help some mothers out there. It worked fine for me and after one week Marie was sleeping well in her room with longer intervals between nursings.

7 Tips To Create A Sleeping Schedule for Babies

SLEEPING SCHEDULE TIPS for babies and kids

First: I downloaded some baby lullaby music and play them every night before and during bedtime so she could understand that once she heard those songs it was time to go to bed.

Second: Prepare 1 oz of Chamomile tea (please check for allergies before trying this amount). I mixed it with formula or milk and gave it to my baby 1-2 hours before the planned time to put Marie to sleep. The tea may take a little long to make effect.

Third: Give them a warm bath before sleeping. Make this moment very relaxing letting them hear the lullaby playing close by. Gently massage their feet, arms and hands.

Fourth: Stop allowing your baby to sleep in your arms.These are the negative points on doing this:

  • First, they will get used to it and won’t fall asleep by themselves.
  • Second: once you notice that your baby is asleep in your arms they will wake up as soon they realize you have put them in their cribs.

Fifth: This will work better for mothers that use bottles. Before putting Marie to sleep I always prepared another bottle of formula only. It’s important to feed your baby while they are in the crib, not in your arms. Everybody likes to eat and they will associate drinking a “delicious milk” with bedtime. Do not forget however to burp them right after and always use the nursing pillow with your baby to avoid risks of choke.

Sixth: Do not be so silent in your house when your baby is napping. Get them used to a noisy house. Otherwise, any silverware failing on the floor or dogs barking in the neighbor’s house will wake them up.

Seventh: Be consistent with the schedule you choose. I decided that 8 O’clock was a good time to put my baby to bed and I was very strict on this. Remember that if you break their schedule, they will quickly become accustomed to it quicker than you think and you will have a hard time adjusting them back to their sleep routine.


7 Tips To Create A Sleeping Schedule for Babies

As part of the sleep schedule I designed for my baby I had included two naps during the day. First nap at 2 O’clock, second nap at 4 O’clock and bedtime at 8 Pm. I have to say that thanks to Chamomile Tea I had no difficulties on getting Marie to adapt to this schedule. Now that she’s older she only takes one nap during the day and will still sleep at 8 O’clock for 10-12 hours per night.

Keep in mind that kids are all about habits. They do not come out of your womb having a planned schedule to everything. It’s up to you as a parent to teach them the routine that better fits their and your needs. Sometime we underestimate the intelligence of babies and we give up on teaching something important to our children because we believe that they are too young to understand.

Do you have a sleep routine for your baby? What did you do to make your baby to adapt to it?

What are your difficulty in having your baby to sleep at the very same time every night?





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