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7 Signs That Your Mind Needs Rest

Since our society glorifies being busy, it may be difficult to imagine resting as being responsible. Taking time off, doing nothing, in particular, having no plans or intentionally making plans to unplug your mind and refresh seems indulgent.

Learning to incorporate rest into your routine will help keep your mind, body, and spirit from becoming weary. Our brains work hard for us every day, so if you’re noticing any of the following signs, consider it a warning that you need to slow down and rest.


1// Confusion And Forgetfulness

Our brains have an amazing capacity to multitask. It manages complex tasks every day and operates with great detail. While we are designed to create and explore every spark of our abilities, under many circumstances our brains can start to cave into the pressure of life and develop some physical demonstrations of stress. 

Family activities is a good start to find joy

Working out complex problems or being in a heightened state of awareness can lead to weariness over time. One of the ways our brains express being tired and weary is through bouts of forgetfulness or confusion. Aside from a medical issue like dementia, tired minds tend to suffer from “brain fog” which can be linked directly to physiologic and emotional fatigue.

2// Lack Of Enthusiasm 

When our minds feel overwhelmed far too long the things that used to allure our attention lose their appeal. Overworking your mind pushes out enjoyment for things you love to make room for the overload of things that are front and center. A tired mind can’t enjoy the moment if it is too worried about yesterday or tomorrow.

If you are experiencing a lack of interest in things you generally love, it could be an indicator that your brain needs to rest. Taking a break from your wrapped-up life is far more important than engaging in daily tasks that can wait. Making space in your schedule for activities that you enjoy and that stimulate your mind in a restful way is a mental health investment that you can’t afford to neglect.

3// Overwhelm, Agitation, And Resentment

Being overwhelmed can cause our minds to swirl and it can lead to bouts of anger and resentment towards others. In the absence of stress, your nature might be very pleasing and engaging, but too much stress and too much to think about can change your attitude. That’s why it is so important to find activities that can disconnect you from the world and works as a refuge where you feel safe and peaceful.

Weather is beach or lake being in touch with nature always helps me to wind down.

Discover activities that can function as a scape where you can go mentally off-grid from time to time. Some may think music can provide that, some find a resort in crafting, painting, dance, etc. This is actually why I created Marie Avenue, my blog’s main purpose is to help me to cope with the daily stress of motherhood.

Whether you are coming off of a difficult project, used a ton of brainpower, or have been through an emotional crisis due to the difficulties of motherhood or anything else, your mind might need a mental break to restore and heal. 

4// Headaches

Another trace that tells your mind needs a rest and that the long periods of adrenaline running in your body is starting to give you side effects is persistent headaches. Your brain is extremely powerful. It controls every nerve, muscle, and ligament in your body that tenses up when under psychological and emotional distress, which releases stress hormones into our system that eventually will turn into health issues such as chronics headaches, neck pain, etc.

5// Sore Muscles

Constant sore muscles are reflections of stress. It’s a common reaction when your body feels under pressure for far too long. This may be a signal that you need to slow down and focus on your mental health. An unbalanced life with a busy routine that lacks a moment to turn off your mind from what’s causing anguish can cost your overall well-being. 

Playing with my kids always revitalizes me

6// Fatigue

If you haven’t taken a break from a non-stop routine your body will reflect this into physical symptoms such as constant fatigue, lack of energy, etc. A break between work circles and your daily chores of motherhood is a necessity that must not be neglected. Finding a few minutes daily and training your kids to not disturb you during these sacred moments may sound impossible but if you work with your partner or develop an activity that can calm down your kids (whether is a movie time or naps) you will find this “me” times extremely beneficial to your and your family overall wellbeing.

7// Sleep Issues

Stress can cause numerous symptom loops, some of them are irritability, Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia. When your brain is stuck in a “tomorrow-to-do-list your body may feel incapable to relax and fall asleep. Lack of sleep also leads to poor-decision-making as research from the University of California says, which just adds up and creates a loop of physical and emotional distress.

Our minds are amazing but they do have limits. Knowing when you’ve reached your emotional limit and being able to rest and rejuvenate can make all the difference in your quality of life. Look out for the warning signs that your brain needs rest so you can take the appropriate action.

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