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25 Journal Prompts For Self Love And Confidence Building

“Self-love is a Healer.”

There is nothing like self when it comes to a balanced existence and a healthy mind and body. It may sound like a far-fetched idea, but it is even closer than you may think. Society hits us over the head as much as we think it is normal to feel insecure and depressed about ourselves. It is, of course not normal to feel awful about who and how we are.

self love
Self Love

The Origen Of The Problem

We are born innocent creatures; you can look into the eyes of every child and grasp this fact. They don’t feel embarrassed to share with the world how they feel inside. Self-censoring doesn’t mean anything to little children. As we grow up, we learn to be conditioned through other’s opinions. One of the worst kinds of conditioning imposed on us by our surrounding society, parents, and teachers is the single most destructive sentence – you CAN’T do it. This sentence teaches us the concept of failure and thus creates a feeling of not being good enough.

Another more harmful training method used by most parents is the “time out” system. The punishing system teaches a child they only deserve to be loved if fitting into a certain pattern by doing such-and-such. If the child uses their own reasoning, they are compelled to punish. We pick up this pattern and learn not to love ourselves if we don’t reach the goals society expects us to reach. This pressure most of the time is immensely higher on women.

Self Love

There is a more defined pattern set for little girls of how a woman should be. This causes more women to feel unapproved and disliked by themselves. They start overeating to eat up their emotions along with it or they don’t permit themselves to be great drivers because the voice inside them tells them WOMEN CAN’T DRIVE WELL.

The good news is that all of these negative conditions can be changed. Here are some ways to tackle your negative mentality into a more self-loving conscious and flowing creative energy.

Criticism IS The Source To Low Self-Love

Criticism is hurtful when we hear it from others, but we can get accustomed to it when it is done inside our own heads. Although it doesn’t mean it is going to hurt less if you do it constantly; it is, in fact, more destructive than you could imagine. It ruins your self-esteem and makes you feel less worthy. When you feel you are not enough you can never let yourself flow freely and let out the most magnificent creative side of you.

All it takes to remove this mass of negative wait is simply to stop. Stop criticizing yourself. Instead of picking on every little thing, you do and how you look, see the positive side and give yourself credit for the things you already know. Look at your body and instead of seeing the extra fat, look at the magical organism that is self-healing and functions with its own consciousness in a way we can never understand. Mental health in many ways is based on point of view, how you feel and see yourself and that’s also the key to self-love.

Self Love

Accept where you are.

Accept Where You Are

Look at yourself now, not where you have to be or you want to be, the very place you are in life right now. We’ve discussed self-criticism; see yourself with unbiased eyes. Rather you appreciate it or not, you have definitely done your best to achieve the life you have now. Do not let other’s ideas contaminate your vision, this is your life and not theirs. Approving what you do and how you are now helping to find a secure base for your true emotions to come out. You won’t need to hide anymore. You can let out the true you if you accept yourself.

Mistakes Are A Way Of Learning

It is okay to make mistakes, in the past or present. You won’t be perfect but, you will be the best you can be and this is amazing! Remember that mistakes are somebody’s idea of good and bad influencing your life. If you really don’t like something, then you can change it without feeling bad. Remember to always reach out to professionals and mental health services if you feel like you cannot manage your feelings alone.

Love Love Love

The Beatles were not wrong to say love is all you need. It surely feels beautiful to be loved by others, but self-love and self-care are the most powerful healing method and can bring magic into your life. Many experts have done extensive research on this subject, if you truly start to love yourself, you could even dissolve the biggest issues in your life. This also includes health issues such as being overweight, fear, and in extreme cases even cancer.

A Simple But Hard Way

It is simple to love yourself, see what you like, give it to yourself or try to, and lastly appreciate every little thing you do. There are plenty of resources available you can use that are just one click away. Mental health awareness is on the rise for good and more support is accessible. We have plenty of information at hand and even a mental health day and mental health awareness month were created to discuss this such an important subject.

Remember that love can be your strongest weapon in battling the negativity that is inside you. Loving yourself helps you to accomplish all your fears as you won’t be alone anymore; you have yourself, the only one who can truly understand your wants and needs.

Don’t fear to say No!

It is a part of your progress to change. This change for you will feel subtle and sometimes painful. Your friends and family are habituated to the old you, they may not understand the changes you are going through, but some will.

The old patterns they have in mind may disturb them, they may ask you to be the same as before. This process requires time and patience both for you and your loved ones. It is okay to say no when you are expected to fall back into the old patterns. They will understand your journey at some point. It is difficult at first, but be sure that once you have healed yourself with the power of self-love, you could affect their lives more productively and positively. Because you have become the best version of who you could be.


The journey from the dark feelings of insecurities to the bright days of self-love requires time. Even your own mind may be rebelling against you at the beginning. Just remember to love yourself and there is nothing that you could do wrong in this matter.

The mentality of loving yourself automatically gives a safe space to the child inside of you to heal and become happy. Self-love is the only way to heal the mind and body that comes with the bonus of being comfortable where you are and having access to your highest potential. Use this key to unlock your hidden and best version of yourself. Here are 25 journal entry ideas for self-love:


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  • This blog post is fantastic and really digs deep into the soul. I really agree with what you said regarding both the “time out” initiative and the criticism. The journal prompts are great and can be utilized to help not just oneself, but others around you too. Thank you for sharing this.

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