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April 2017


    The Festival At Thanksgiving Point

    Our first try at Thanksgiving Point didn’t go through as planned.  The difference of temperature from West Jordan to Lehi was surprisingly huge and we could not enjoy the amazing Tulip Festival at that day. But, as good stubborn as we are we decided to face the weather and see the garden, anyways. We learned a lesson that day, do not mess up with Utah weather. After 10 minutes walk,  we noticed that we are not as brave as we thought to endure the crazy, freezing, temperature of the mother nature in PMS. So, we made the smart decision to go back to our cozy and warm car and we gave up on the Asthon Garden.

    The sad part is that I tried to have some support from Thanksgiving before entering to the Garden and see if they would allows us to use our tickets on another day, as it was too cold for for us and mostly was too cold  for our 19 months baby. They denied us and the manager still added the best phrase to our crap day: ” You should see the forecast before buying”.

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