Heber Old Town- Mother’s Day Little Trip

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What are the chances to find a western town in the middle of Utah? Well, just near the Wasatch mountains there is a cute little city called Heber that holds lots of surprises. At first you can think that there’s nothing else to see there than a beautiful landscape, but is actually one of those places that will blow out your mind.

We could start by speaking about the Crater at the Homestead, that is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in this amazing state I call home, but that is already featured in another post . So, let’s talk about the Heber Old Town.

Established in 1849, the Heber Old Town is a place for those who enjoys trying good food, art and craft. Surrounded by charming farmlands, the place was once called Heber Creeper Railway Village. The rustic atmosphere and the roadhouse environment gives you the feeling of going back on time.

As a craft lover, I took a time to appreciate the red painted woods and the old architecture as you can get so much inspiration just by looking to its peculiar buildings.

The curios part of Heber Old Town is the replica of a force that will make you feel as a character of a western movie and a gunfight between the marshals and robberies is just about to start.There is, also, an outdoor space where you can chill out with friends at a fire pit that will make your evening there a little warmer .

Heber is just 1 hour away from Salt Lake City and its has some cute little restaurants and a few hotels there. We stayed at Holiday Inn, which wasn’t a very pleasure experience as it took very long for they to accommodate us in our room. However, the included breakfast had a decent variety of food such as pancakes, eggs, yogurt, coffee, juice , cakes, breads , bacon, etc.The hotel also, offers a heated swimming pool open until 9pm along with a spa.

Heber is for sure a city that you should add to your “places to see” list.



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