Must-Have High Heels Shoes That You Will Love

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes for an event? Say no more! I have curated a few of my favorite high heels from the Macy’s SALE right here in this post. As some of you guys may know, I am obsessed with shoes of all kinds but high heels have a special place in my heart. Despite my …


Easy and Affordable Steps To a Beautiful Skin

It took me a while to curate my simple and affordable skincare routine for youthful-looking skin. I have to say that over the past year I have been more focused than ever on achieving my dream skin. The results from investing in skincare are visible and I couldn’t be any happier!  As a working mother, sometimes I feel so …


My Weight Loss Routine + 30 Days Fat Burning Journey

As you may already know by this time I have created Marie Avenue as an outlet to escape depression. That being said, one of the first symptoms of it is a significant decrease in your self-esteem. I remember my first episode of this terrible mental illness when I was 12 years old and literally I couldn’t function to execute …

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Easter Celebration

Mini Vlog – Family Easter Celebration

I decided that Easter would look a little different this year compared to 2020. Although we’re all still going through a worldwide pandemic, Utah is slowly bouncing back to its normal. Masks mandates will be lifted on April 10th and all businesses and schools are open. So more than enough reason to celebrate. Easter is one of my favorite …


An Effortless Jumpsuit for Spring-Summer Seasons

Now that Spring is officially here, pulling out of your closet lighter clothing or shopping for some basic styles is a mandatory. One of my favorite pieces for this time of the year when it’s warm enough to take a few layers off and at the same time you need to stay cozy for the unstable weather conditions is …


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